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3 Awesome Examples of Company Culture and Branding Videos That Prove Why Your Company Needs Them

Nov 14, 2016

We’ve all heard of them – company culture videos or branding videos – but what are they really, and what can they do for your business? We chose three of our favorite examples and dissect them to give us answers.

1. TOMS  | “HQ: Meet The Customer Service Team”

The retail fashion brand and store with hip shoes, eyewear and accessories that are good or your cool-factor and for collecting karma point! A for-profit organization with a strong give-back goal and social message, when you purchase a Toms product you are also donating to help those most in need across the planet. That’s a defined company culture if ever there was one, but it’s not only Blake Mycoskie, company founder and philanthropist, that supports this mission, the Toms Customer Service Team is equally as driven and passionate. This excellent example of a company culture video, expertly showcases the passion and drive of the unique and quirky team behind the brand. It cements who the brand is and makes us want to work there!


This Australian software and technology company are all about providing other companies with solutions that help them meet their goals. This company considers themselves a family first – at the core of their culture, everyone has a chance to have their say and nothing is hidden.

Intentionally set-up as the very opposite of a traditional corporate environment, they believe that they produce cutting edge, original and creative innovations within their industry because of the five core values that Atlassian is founded upon. This video communicates the brand’s values genuinely – a no bullsh*t attitude, community effort, heart, humor and empowerment. It offers customers an opportunity to ‘meet’ the real people behind the brand, establishing trust with clients and encouraging open and truthful communication.


Zen Desk is the world’s leading cloud-based, customer service solution for clients. They no doubt have worked hard to be at the very top of their industry, but (as their name suggests) they also believe in balance. They take the stress out of customer service for their clients, and they also like to create a calm and happy work environment for their employees. Their company’s culture is perfectly in line with their brand.his video is effective because  it communicates it with cheeky, yet intelligent humor. Subtly satirizing the boring, soulless corporate video that is (sadly) still so common in the B2B and technology industries, Zen Desk introduces us not only to the basics of their company, but also to the small, personal, nuances that make it special. They believe in the importance of smiling, of a happy workplace, of supporting each other and in Fire Witch, the office fish. Fire Witch is an awesome fish. See…now you need to watch it, and maybe even work with them or for them, right? (Note: Zen Desk does not hire A**holes.)

We love these creative, original and fun examples, but the folks at Front Runner Films are also rather proud of the company introduction and culture videos we’ve produced, and our clients are just as happy:

“Tyler and his team’s ability to bring our passion to life on screen has allowed us to have that face-to-face conversation with every potential client. They created an opportunity for us to express our excitement for the solutions we provide, and our customers feel like they know us and trust us before they’ve even picked up the phone, and that advantage is invaluable.”

Michael Johnson & Ben Thomas, Cofounders, YOKE

If you’d like to watch our Yoke video as well as the rest of our folio, click here. Our fearless leader and creative genius Tyler explains what gets him out of bed each day here, and we’d be super chuffed if you would drop us an email ( to say hi and share your company’s culture and journey to date with us. We would love to help you tell the world your story.

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