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3 Business Challenges that Corporate Video Can Solve

Jul 11, 2017

The latest statistics are out and they prove that video is not only an effective way to market your company, they are also essential when tackling some of the most common business challenges. Let’s take a look at three of the most common and how video provides the solution.

1. Website Conversion

The Challenge: How do you turn more of your website visitors into customers?

The Solution:

Website sales conversion is commonly a challenge for both e-commerce and brick and mortar business’. You build a beautiful website worthy of your brand, your marketing and social media teams work hard to get new eyeballs to your page, and your analytics tells you that most people leave your site without making a purchase, or engaging with you to request a quote or for more information. Video can be the final and most important step in this chain of activity. Statistics tell us one third of business’ using video on their site increase conversion by 91%. Specifically Product Demonstration videos and Testimonial videos help you reproduce these incredible increases. Both help your customer make a decision to buy by building trust. Product Demonstrations help to solve the unanswered questions of doubt in buyer’s minds (“But can it do this?”, “Will it work with this?” etc). Testimonial videos are a step up from customer written reviews. Seeing and hearing a real person’s success story builds trust in the effectiveness of your product or service (“It worked for that person who’s similar to me – so it should work for me too!”).

Product Demonstration Video Example: “Yoke”

2. Improving SEO 

The Challenge: How do I improve my SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The Solution:

Getting found online can be tough, especially for smaller or new start business’. Not only is there now worldwide competition, but you are being pitted against Paid Google results (ads) and well established brands that dominate first-page results. So how do you get your head above the crowd? You guessed it – Video! Featuring one or more videos on your homepage greatly increases your likelihood of your page featuring higher in search results. Google ranks websites based on a number of factors. Good SEO practice includes original content, search-term loaded copy, external references back to your site by trusted and established sources and how often your site is updated. However sometimes following these guidelines just isn’t enough. Featuring “remark-able” (remark worthy) content is essential; content that is relevant, high quality and very shareable. In short – video!  “On Google, videos are 50 times more likely to receive first page ranking than traditional web pages.” This equates to more people discovering your site, and those visitors spending much longer there too. 

Home Page Video Example: “Delicious Nutritious Markets”

3. Communicating your USP 

The Challenge: Your business is unique, but how can you turn that into your biggest sales asset?

The Solution:

At the heart of the brand is your USP, that combination of factors that differentiates you from your competition. Whether it’s your offerings, your approach, or (most commonly) the personal story behind the brand, there is an “essence” that makes your company unique. If you consider two clothing stores that provide similar apparel at a similar price, there’s a hard-to-define-something that makes each different and thus more attractive dependent on your purchasing goals. The authentic heart of your brand is your greatest sales tool. The challenge comes in communicating this in a digital experience. How can you establish and build a personal and unique connection with the customers visiting your online showroom? Video helps to bridge the gap. Using Company Culture videos or Bio videos of the founders and your team communicates your USP in a way that static image and a thousand written words simply can not. Video gives your company the opportunity to express you passion and your belief in your product or service, it offers insight into how your company operates and what it values. It helps you to stand out distinctly from your competitors in a genuine, organic way. 

Company Culture Video Example: “Wayne Industries”

We hope that this article has inspired you to consider producing video for your business. If you’d love to find out more, brainstorm some ideas and get an idea of cost and timelines, then send us an email or give us a call. The driving passion behind Front Runner Films is defining the heart of your brand, and then telling your story via video helping your company reach it’s greatest potential. 

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