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3 Reasons Why Video is Absolutely Essential For All Start-Ups

Dec 17, 2017

Video is not a fad. It’s not a scare tactic conceived by Marketers. It’s simply an inevitability.

“By the end of 2017, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic.”(KPCB)

As the prominence of video as the preferred form of online communication continues to steadily increase, companies who don’t use it are being left behind in the dust of their early adoptive competitors. This natural evolution is not something to retaliate against, instead it can be seen as an opportunity to capitalize on the unique benefits of video. This is never more than true than when we consider Start-ups. Here are three types of Corporate Video that will benefit any emerging brand:

1. Brand Awareness Via Company Culture Videos:

WHO is your brand? Not what do you do, not what do you make. Instead WHO are the people behind it, and what is their story? It is this element that will differentiate you from your competitors, that will create a stickiness in the minds of your audience. It’s a tool used by professional screenwriters, that the most specific and personal things that will be the most universally appealing. A great Company Culture Video communicates the essence that makes you and your story unique.

2. Brand Education Via Product Demonstration Videos:

The secret to a successful demo video is to not focus on the technical elements of your brand. It reads as counterintuitive – but trust us here. Sure we (as your audience) need to know what you’re offering and how it works, but we need more than this fundamental lesson. We need to be educated as to how your product or experience will better my life, what benefits am I am investing my money in? The focus of these videos should be 20% what your brand is, and 80% what problems it promises to solve.

3. Brand Trust Via Customer Testimonial Videos:

These can be tricky to obtain when you’re first starting out, but they are so very valuable and can be the final influence your audience needs to purchase.The reason they are so persuasive is trust. Trust is an essential element in the decision to buy, but trust takes time to develop. Video can provide a shortcut as it offers a real, live, human being that your potential clients believe to be relatable and with an unbiased opinion. It’s the online equivalent of asking a friend or neighbor for their best recommendation. If you don’t have at least one or two clients you can approach to create these videos, then consider offering people (who fit your ideal demographic) a discounted or free product in exchange for their honest testimonials.

At Front Runner Films we are passionate about helping new business’ reach their potential. We get a kick out of meeting entrepreneurs and hearing their stories and then helping them tell the world. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of video because we see the proof time and time again. If you’d like to chat about what we do and who we can help, then give us a call or and say hi ( Our website has more information about the human beings behind our brand and about our story. Thanks for reading.

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