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3 Tips to Create Funny Brand Videos

Jan 15, 2018

If you’ve ever been to a live, stand-up comedy show, you’ll understand the power of comedy. When a comic is “on”, they hold the hearts of their audience in the palms of their hands. All of a sudden they look much more attractive, your respect and admiration skyrocket, and you want to be their friend. Alas, this magic power cuts both ways. If you’ve ever seen a comic “bomb”, you’ll know just how awkward, unappealing and pitiful they can seem.

When it comes to creating funny branded video content the same rules apply, make them laugh and you’ll earn engagement and increased social currency, but if your video flops expect at the very least total dismissal and at the worst…public ridicule. So what are the tips and tricks to creating Branded Videos that make people laugh and have the potential to go viral? At Front Runner Films we always start with the humor and heart of our client’s brand so read on for our top 3 ha-ha pointers:

1. Walk The Line of Appropriateness

Humor is about leading your audience down a certain path that seems to be safe, familiar and predictable, but then making a sudden turn into “unsafe” territory. Think of your favorite joke, as this rule applies to just about all of them. You have an expectation and then it’s rudely averted. However, it’s important to note that violating your audience’s expectation is not the same thing as being offensive. You want to shock them a little, but remain relatable. This is a thin line to walk, and you might be tempted to play safe instead, but trust us that pushing these boundaries is what makes your video stand out from the crowd.

2. Keep It Short and You’ll Keep it Sweet

We all do it. A friend sends you a funny video and the first thing you do after hitting the Play button is look down at the progress bar to see how long it is. The general rule of thumb is that unless you have a very involved narrative, or a big name star involved, to keep your video under 90 seconds. If you think of the format of a classic half-hour sitcom, each joke is set-up, landed and done with in about the same time frame, 1-2 minutes. If you have brainstormed multiple hilarious concepts for your brand, then create multiple, hilarious videos showcasing each of them. You’ll get more reach and higher retention than attempting to cobble them all into one epic piece.

3. Never Heckle Yourself!

One of the most common mistakes made in funny branded videos is that the joke is made at the brand’s expense. The Brits may have built a legacy on hilarious self-defeating humor, but at the end of the day, your video is a sales tool beyond all else. Instead, your funny concept should be compatible with your brand messaging. It should be focused upon the benefits of your product or service and reinforce the value proposition. Start by asking yourself this question: What problem can your brand solve for your audience, and where does the humor lie in that scenario?


Humor is of course subjective and rarely crosses cultures, but it is possible to create branded videos that make the majority of people chuckle, converting them to brand ambassadors and sharing your content with their audience. When you have decided upon your concept and drafted your script, we recommend sharing it with as many people as you trust the opinions of. Get feedback before you begin production and you’ll be more likely to avoid the dreaded comedic “bomb”. If you want a giggle guarantee then give us a call (310) 912-7613) or drop us an email ( and we can help you create remarkable branded content.

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