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3 Ways to Put The Fun Back Into Corporate Video 🙂

Dec 20, 2017

Corporate video has a bad reputation, earned in the earliest days of video production and characterized with wooden performances, bucket loads of boring information, terrible stock footage and finished with elevator music. Thankfully those days are long gone.

The team at Front Runner Films has a background in both scripted and unscripted storytelling, we’ve made movies and TV shows and documentaries and even animation. We have lots of Corporate Video experience too of course, but what our creative experience brings to the table is the ability to think beyond the boring corporate box. We love to bring a fresh approach, a little humor and a whole lot of heart to your brand, and tell that story with video. Let’s take a look at three ways in which you can put the fun back into corporate video.

1. Speak Like A Human

If a person is introducing you to a product or service, would you rather chat with someone knowledgeable and passionate, or have a spokesperson read the product summary to you with the monotonous drone of uninspired 6th grade teacher? We preach Conversation Not Scripts, let go of the on-trend, marketing lingo and speak like you would to your best friend. It’s not only more engaging and feels more authentic and trustworthy, but you might be lucky enough to record some hilarious and endearing “mistakes”. These little flubs are usually the most memorable and endearing.

Example: This is one of our Company Culture videos, and some of our team chat (unscripted) about what the heart of the brand means to them. Watch out for Tyler Nimmons (our fearless leader) at about 1:04 when he mentions what inspires him; it’s a beautiful, natural and real moment that captures what Front Runner Films is all about; humor and heart.

2. Take Us On An Adventure

Most people have seen the inside of an office, and most office look very similar. In short – unless you work at Google, think beyond your workplace as your video setting. Of course we need to see a little of where the magic happens, but adding multiple backgrounds and locations creates a dynamic energy that keeps the viewer watching. You might feature your clients or customers using your service or product in their own offices and homes, or you might use a drone shot to explore the area in which your business resides. Abstract, fantastical or thematic settings can also create a style and tone that is uniquely your brand, whilst making your stand out from the crowd. Think bigger and take us somewhere exciting!

Example: In this video we created to tell the story of the founders (and besties) of Delicious Nutritious Markets, we followed Ben and Mike around their daily activities as well as their personal hobbies. We climbed a canyon and braved the waves to capture their expansive spirit.

3. Think Beyond The Shoot

You might be surprised to know that films can be made or destroyed in the editing room, long after the final shot is in the can. Storylines can be rewritten, motives reassigned and entire characters created and added using CGI. The same movie magic can be used in Corporate Video Production. Whether it’s subtle color and sound changes, a new soundtrack or adding SFX and animation, your video can be taken to another level with the help of a skilled post-production team.

Example: This is a product video for one of our favorite clients CSI globalVCard. We needed to tell and show a lot of information whilst keeping it clean, modern and easy to digest. Using a minimal set design we shot to create the perfect palette to add 3D graphics that tell the story in a fun, eye-catching way.

Want to have some fun? Create something you’re proud of that excites your customers? We can help! Send us an email (, find out more about us here, or give us a call. We’ve love to hear your story and start brainstorming ideas as unique as you.

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