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3 Ways To Use A Corporate Video To Grow Your Business

Apr 6, 2017

We get it. Creating a corporate video can mean both financial and time commitment. So why then are over 80% of marketing departments producing video as an integral role in their efforts to grown their business? Below we take a look at how a single corporate video can be used in three different ways to help your business grow. 

1. Branding

Your brand is comprised of a series of elements (everything from your logo to the person who answers your phones) that combine to express the heart of your company. It’s the essence that makes you different from your competitors. It’s often referred to as emotion-centric reaction and it’s not necessarily definable in the words of your mission statement alone. This is where the power of video can really be utilized. A professional production company will immerse themselves in the culture of your company to find the very heart of your brand, and then present a creative way of telling your company’s unique story with video. The right video will be able to encapsulate your brand and communicate it to your customers in an enjoyable and easy to digest manner.

2. Product/Service Education

The decision to chose your product or service over your competitors is often a plot second moment involving trust. Does your customer believe that your product or service will fulfill it’s promises? It’s the very reason why customer reviews have become an important step in the purchasing decision. Customers want a second opinion before they buy – a personal recommendation that helps to build trust. Another way in which to build trust is through corporate video. It’s sort of like meeting your customers face to face, it introduces you and your brand in an authentic and compelling moment of connection. Not just an image and some text, but a moving, talking experience that captures and express’ exactly what they are buying. Video can place the customer in the very environment that they will need/use your product or service and they can vicariously experience the value of it as if they were really using it. Very few people purchase a vehicle without taking it out for a spin, video is like a test-drive!

3. Social Media Advertising and Marketing

The most visited website in the world (with the exception of search engine Google) is YouTube. The reason for this is that we are a culture that chooses video over images/text. Video is becoming our preferred form of communication across all areas of the internet. The majority of social media companies predicted this trend early and are becoming increasingly focused on video content. Instagram is an often untapped yet proven marketing tool for business. The platform has always focused primarily on imagery, but in the past 18 months have reported a consistent increase in the popularity of video posts over image only posts. The other social media giant Facebook is heading in the same direction, video given priority over image or text posts in the complex (and close-guarded) algorithms that govern what you see in your feed. This is where more traditional corporate video can add to your company’s online marketing and advertising arsenal. Corporate videos can be edited to meet the best-practices for your social media platforms. They can be shortened, recut to be faster paced, made non-audio dependent, and be front-focused (meaning that the first 3-5 seconds are so eye-catching hat your customers are compelled to watch). One corporate video can be turned into a series of mini-ads for social media distribution.

When we examine the many uses of corporate video for business, it’s made clear that this is money and time well spent. From developing buyer trust, to cementing your USP and Brand, from teaching your customers about your products or services, to marketing to them via social media. A professionally produced video can provide all of these tools within your sales and marketing toolbox and more. The key is to choose a team of experienced producers and creatives who understand the multifaceted usage of corporate video and who are focused on telling the heart of your brand story.

Front Runner Films is a Los Angeles based, award-winning Production Company specializing in telling humorous and unique stories for business. We are experts in finding the heart of your company’s story and communicating it effectively in the form of commercials, corporate and branding videos produced to the highest quality on time and on budget. Every time. Because we love what we do. Find out more about us here.

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