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4 Marketing Videos that Got it Right (& Made Us Chuckle!)

May 1, 2018

Today we’ve pulled together a delicious assortment of funny online marketing videos. We selected this menu for you viewing pleasure as they share our basic recipe for corporate video production:

  1. Predictable is a dirty word
  2. Bring the funnies
  3. It’s not on, if it’s not on (brand)

Grab a napkin as these examples of excellent videos for business will make you laugh until you drool.

Note: we wrote this article just before our lunchtime, hence the food references. Mmmmm tacos.

1. Chatbooks’ ‘Stop Wasting Hours Making Photo Books’

Key Ingredient: This video achieves one of the most overlooked yet essential aspects of successful branded content. It immediately identifies who their ideal customer is. It speaks directly to the specific needs of it’s specific audience (busy Moms), and even goes as far as to politely discourage the audience it’s not aiming at.

Carry-Out Tip: Know your audience and know why your product or service will benefit them specifically.

2. Only Organics’ ‘The Natural Effect’

Key Ingredient: Two elements of this video are so darn “sticky” that you are compelled to watch through to the end (and it’s a long video by online standards). Firstly, the host is charismatic and his comic timing is en pointe. Secondly, and more importantly, the audience is immediately let in on the joke (a spoof about how advertising agencies are scamming us) yet we are kept in suspense with a slow build to the punchline.

Carry-Out Tip: Your video must be captivating in the first 5 seconds, but to retain your audience you shouldn’t play all your cards at once.

3. Purple’s ‘How to Use a Raw Egg To Tell if Your Bed is Terrible’

Key Ingredient: This is a great example of how a product video should lead with the benefits BEFORE listing the specifications. Your audience makes decisions based on how they predict your product will make them feel. They are also interested in the facts (they ‘why it works’) but it’s essential to capture their attention with ‘how it makes you feel’. This video also features an original and memorable concept (eggs) but it wouldn’t have been as successful without the witty and funny host.

Carry-Out Tip: Catch our eye with something original, but keep our attention by speaking to our emotions before our logic.

4. CSI globalVCard’s ‘Travel’

Key Ingredient: OK, ok…full disclosure. This final video is one of ours. Before you click away in utter outrage, this video won quite a few rewards and achieved awesome viewership numbers, the majority of people watching to the very end. The reason it worked is because it uses a combination of the three successful elements we highlighted in each of the previous videos. We specify our audience immediately as our host is a perfect representative (overworked finance controller). We use a long continuous shot to engage our audiences immediately as we keep the pace fast to retain their attention (we’re talking to busy people after all!) Finally, we use side characters to add humor but also to remind our audience of the pain that’s caused by such irresponsible employees, and introduce the emotional benefit that the product we are advertising will bring – peace! We give them emotionally-driven reasons to buy before a solid list of facts that also support the product.

Carry-Out Tip: use a production company that understand not only how to write, shoot and edit a high quality corporate video, but also understands and utilizes the dynamics listed in this article to create a video that gets results.

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