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4 Things Every Business Video Checklist Should Have

Jul 12, 2021

From YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to broadcast media, everyone loves exceptionally created video content. Considering their rise in necessity and popularity, every business is trying to create videos for their brands. To stand out from the crowd, your videos need a professional touch. So here are 4 things every business video checklist should include to produce captivating and successful results.

  1. Articulate your Business Objective

The guiding principle for creating a captivating video is the company’s objectives. Defining the purpose of the video will help you know what exactly to put in it. What do you aim or want to achieve with your video? Do you want to:

  • Inform customers and prospects about your new video
  • Generate traffic for your website
  • Bring investors on board
  • Showcase your enterprise as being environmentally friendly
  • Educate your customers about various issues 
  • Influence and motivate customers to use your products

Although the list of objectives may be endless, businesses should focus on the most mission-centric objectives. These will lead to measurable outcomes. If you don’t tie your video to certain objectives, you’ll be wasting your time and resources. Defining the purpose of your video helps you focus on the outcomes and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Trying to match or edge the competition is not an objective. It would help to have a guiding principle that is directly correlated with your enterprise.

Customer Journey

2. Map out Your Audience

Not everyone will like or benefit from your products/services. Therefore, when creating a marketing video for your brand, the first thing you should do is conduct in-depth research about the customers and prospects you want to target. Text Metrics has a great article about creating empathy maps that is worth a read if you are starting from scratch.

You need to understand who is likely to benefit from your business and develop a message that speaks to them directly. Remember, the narrower the target audience, the higher the chance of success.  

You should also seek to know the demographic make-up of your target market and understand their needs, preferences, and restrictions. Failure to define your target audience may lead to the production of generic videos that don’t appeal to anyone. 

Analytics for Audience

3. Develop Crystal-clear Message(s)

Now that you know the audience you’re targeting with your videos, you need to formulate a clear and distinctive message. The best video content for your enterprise is one that adds value to the viewers. Create stories that revolve around your business objectives, and if it is possible, you can use testimonials, since customers can relate well with other customers. 

If you want professional video production for testimonials, hire our team. We will show you how to tell stories in a way that is highly relatable to customers looking for reassurance. The clearer the message in your video, the better the customers will understand your company and its products/services.  

4. Plan for Distribution

While YouTube is currently the most renowned video platform, there are many other mediums that you can post your business video. And the most surprising part is that every platform has its own set of requirements. Therefore, it would be best if you understood how to tweak your video to appeal to customers and prospects on different platforms. 

Shorter videos are ideal for online ads and broadcast television. But for social media pages and your website, you can make the video a little longer. Make sure you make your producer aware of the mediums you’ll use to distribute your videos. If you don’t plan your distribution, you may end up having a video that can only gain traction on social media and nowhere else. 

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Final Verdict, 

Business videos give you a chance to showcase what your enterprise can do. It can help generate traffic for your website, increase sales for your products and services, or even make more people engage with your company. And since most people follow the mantra that “seeing is believing,” a top-quality video can make your brand trustworthy and reliable. We spoke about why video testimonials trump written reviews and there is no denying they way video can connect with people on an emotional level.

However, it takes more than your in-house team to come up with engaging and compelling business videos. Outsourcing your video production can help simplify the process and make sure that you create exceptional videos.  

Want to find out more or request a quote? Let’s talk. Front Runner Films is an award-winning video production company, bringing companies, products, and passion to light. We’d love to help you reach your business goals. 

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