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5 Key Elements of an Effective Company Training Video

Mar 17, 2021

Training videos are often used by companies to educate or instruct employees, customers, and stakeholders on performing or tackling a specific task. With research indicating that video enhances information retention, it has become abundantly clear why training videos have become an integral tool for businesses.

While training videos can be very effective at educating about a particular topic, it is important to be mindful of a few elements to be sure that it is useful and engaging. In this write-up, we’ll discuss some of the integral components that make training videos effective.

Audio and Visual Quality

If you want your training video to be captivating, appealing, and easy to understand – you need
to fuse powerful audio and visual elements. You may have a diligently and carefully curated
message, but if your video lacks sound clarity and the visuals are weak, the message can be lost in between. Quality sound ensures that the target audience grasps your message word to word, while high-quality visuals ensure that viewers are hooked from the beginning to the end.

Relevant Content

Focus on developing content that resonates with the intended audience and find a way to package it so that it isn’t “stale.” People will quickly abandon any training video that goes out of topic or is filled with fluff. If you want your training videos to effectively educate your viewers, stick to the relevant topic and make it memorable. For example, though a topic may be seemingly mundane, there are still ways to show your audience you are in on the humor. Not only will it ensure they don’t tune out, but it is a lighthearted way to further communicate your company with your intended audience.

The Size of The Video Matters

In 2021, most audiences will be more likely to stay engaged with videos that are short and precise. When it comes to training videos, brevity is important. It is easy for companies to get lost in the wave and put too many details into one video. Even if someone has all the time in the world, it can be challenging to commit to a video that clocks more than 15 minutes. If you determine that your training video has many details or is a bit complex, you can take the modular approach to make it more engaging. This is where you break the content into sizable, engaging modules. This allows your audience to focus on one video at a time.

Professional Touch

A training video should look and feel professional if the company intends to build credibility with the audience. One of the most significant mistakes that most organizations make is not hiring a refined corporate video production company. At Front Runner Films, our award winning teams bring years of knowledge and experience to empower your company through video. And since unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions, we also offer a remote option. Our newest service, the roadRunner is a feature-rich video production studio and camera, remotely operated by us that allows you to capture high-quality video and audio. Feel free to get in touch with us at 208-336-6594 to discuss how we can be of help.

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