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5 Shocking Video Marketing Stats To Start Your Week

Jun 26, 2017

Happy Monday! This week’s blog aims to arm you with all the stats you need to prepare for the coming week. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s jump in: 

1. Video in Social Media Marketing increases sharing by 10 times

Do you have a social media advertising budget? Even if you do not, you most likely have some sort of social media presence, a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile. So you probably already know that sharing information on these platforms is only part of the equation. The challenge lies in how to grab the attention of your target audience and how to turn these people to in turn share your content with their like minded friends. Video will help to turn your followers into brand ambassadors. According to Facebook, by 2018, 90% of video content will be video based!

2. 96% of Marketers invested in video marketing in 2016

And that figure is predicted to grow this year too. Not only does this tell us that video marketing campaigns are getting results, it also sets the bar. Companies who are not choosing to invest in video marketing are finding it harder and harder to “get seen”. With search engines (e.g.: Google) favoring video results, and social media platforms doing the same, unless you have a video presence online you might get looked over. If you don’t use video in your marketing you are giving your competitors an advantage. 

3. Casestudy: with Video Marketing increased 68% orders, 92% revenue.

Facts and figures and Infographics are all good, but there are more and more company-specific success stories emerging to further solidify that video is now an essential element to all marketing campaigns. Similar results were achieved by TutorVista who experienced an 86% increase in their landing page conversions when they added video, and TriHonda (an auto dealer) who reported 700% ROI, and an increase in sales by 29%. And if that’s not convincing enough, online giant is spending $3 Million on video content. 

4. Comparing Video Vs TV, brand recall is 50%:27%, message recall is 2:1

That’s great news if you can’t afford a national commercial. If you can and are investing in television commercials it might inspire you to switch that budget to online video! But, It’s also important as it’s indicative of a shift in focus and effectiveness from more traditional advertising platforms to online video. Another noteworthy fact is that Online Video Ad CTRs (Click Through Rates) are 18 times more than HTML5 Banner ads. The Takeaway: When you think commercials, consider online ads as a cheaper more effective option. And when you speak of “Online Marketing”, it may be smart to forget banners ads and paid media, and consider online video.

5. Globally 75% of mobile traffic will be video by 2020

Yup, in just 3 years time the majority of Mobile internet usage will consist of watching, sharing or uploading video. Video is steadily growing as the dominant language of the Internet. It crosses cultural and language divides, it feeds into our addiction for short, sharp and entertaining and it provides the most amount of information in the most efficient time. 

(Special thanks to,uk and for these insights into Video Marketing)

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