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6 Fresh Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Sep 3, 2018

Online Videos is the #1 most sought after and watched content on the internet and this popularity is growing with each year. You need video to promote your company online, that’s a no brainer. As a video production company the question we’re often asked by first-time clients is – but how do I share it t get the best results? Today we’re going to share 6 ways in which you can use video to promote your company on your site and across social networks, ensuring you get a great return on your video production investment.

1. Make It Personal.

You know yourself that slick, sales-heavy videos are easy to ignore. No one wants to be sold to, instead we want to be invited into a relevant conversation with real human beings. Candid chat-to-camera videos give your customers the opportunity to meet the people behind your brand, feel a little VIP as they get to visit the behind the scenes of your workplace(s).

2. Bring Products to Life.

You can use video to take your customers out into real situations where you product or service is used. By showcasing how useful your products can be in the various environments they were designed to be used in, you inspire the imagination of your viewers – they start to consider how/when they can personally use them to achieve the same results. Take your products out of the realm of abstract and into the realm of everyday use in the real world.

3. Offer Exclusive Deals & Limited Editions

Video delivers a sense of immediacy that words or images cannot compete with. Short, sharp messaging about special deals or limited edition products creates a sense of urgency that encourage customers to push “buy”. This type of marketing is often referred to as Event Marketing and these campaigns can produce very successful results. Video can introduce a product and educate the viewer of the benefits, answer any purchase-prohibiting questions, as well as provide a compelling call to action all within the space of a minute.

4. Showcase Happy Customers.

Nothing is as persuading as watching and listening to another human being (not unlike yourself) express how happy they are with their purchasing decision. Written reviews have become an incredibly important asset in any companies marketing arsenal, but video testimonials take the power of word-of-mouth to a different realm. Research tells us that “88% of people trust online video reviews by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts”(BrightLocal). Do you have happy customers? Sharing their story via video will create even more happy customers!

5. Make Us Laugh

Not all of your online video content should be sales focused. You can also use video to offer your new and potential customers value without asking for them to take action and purchase. The most welcomed form of this type of video is humor. The top reasons consumers watch video is to (a) Laugh (71%) and (b) to see a good story (59%). The challenge is to entertain your customers with a good story that makes them chuckle and feel good whilst still remaining on brand.

6. Show Us Your Heart.

Perhaps the most valuable and more underutilized marketing tool at your fingertips is your Why. We wrote an article that explains why your why is so very important and you can read it here. The short version is that people don’t why WHAT you sell, they buy WHY you sell it. We make purchasing decisions not with the analytical part of our brain, but with the emotional part. Communicating why you do what you do, your company’s history and story and any additional social/charity causes you support has the potential to make the biggest impact of all types of Online Video Marketing.


At front Runny Films we always start with your why. If you’re looking for a team who are passionate about creating online video for business’, and who do it on-time and on-budget and with a thorough dose of humor and heart, then drop us an email: Let’s chat about your specific business, your industry and the challenges that you face and how we can help you reach your goals. In the meantime, check out our website to meet our team and watch some of our award-winning videos.

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