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7 Tell-Tale Signs That It’s Time For Your Business To Invest In A High End Company Video

Oct 17, 2016

If time is money, then video does everyone a favor. Sure, it’s more of an investment than writing site copy, but the rewards are enormous.

When you arrive at a website, if you would rather watch a video to get the information you’re looking for than pour over several pages of copy, you’re not alone. In fact, 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. It’s reported as the content medium most likely to convert on landing pages by, get this, 80%. Similarly, 52% of marketers that use video report it as responsible for driving higher ROI.

Video’s effectiveness is exactly why it’s taking over the internet. If your organization doesn’t have one yet, you may wonder when it’s time to update your site with something interactive. To clear things up, we put together the below list of 7 ways you can tell that your organization is long overdue for a high end company video.

1- Your Website Doesn’t Have A Video Presence

If your company doesn’t have a video presence, it’s high time you tap into it’s power.

Here are stats no smart marketer will ignore on the power of video:

Videos are the most effective sales tools available to a company trying to grow their business online.

2- Your Business Is New In Town; You’re The Industry Underdog

If your organization isn’t an industry leader yet, and you’re trying to win market share from a dominant competitor, a high end company video is an excellent way to introduce yourself to newcomers to your site, ongoing prospects, and potential partners.

Creating a high end company video that features your leaders will build trust with newcomers to your site. It gives them insight into who they’re dealing with — your demeanor, values, and organization size. Most importantly though, it gives them peace of mind to see a real human taking responsibility for the quality of your products or services.

3- Your Company Has Undergone Major Management Shifts Or Branding Changes

When your business undergoes management shifts, your loyal customers and investors will want to know who’s running the show, and if they can trust this new leadership. You’ll be one step ahead of them and impress them with your transparency if you make plans to introduce and welcome new leaders of your organization with a high end company video.

Moreover, a high end company video celebrating your internal changes will give your loyal customers and investors the opportunity to feel like they are part of the process.  

4- Your Current Corporate Video Doesn’t Convert

If your site video is not winning you new customers and engagement, it’s time for you to hire a high end company video production company that will get the job done right.  

Many organizations make company videos, but in an effort to save money on up front, they opt to use cheap, non-professional production companies that pledge they can make videos for less than $20,000. If your organization did this, it may be the reason your video isn’t converting. When it comes to video production, you get what you pay for.

Not only does low-end video look as cheap as it was to produce, but worse, 62% of viewers are likely to have a negative perception of companies that publish a low quality company video.

5 – You Have A Product Release That Differentiates Your Business From Competitors

If your business has a new product that will become part and parcel of of your brand, it’s time to re-film your website video. Knowing about your ground-breaking new product will give loyal customers and prospects that much more reason to choose you and your latest innovation over the competition. Distinguish yourself! Make it easy for prospects to see which business is the best.

6- You Have Deadlines That Must Be Met

Let’s say you already decided you want a website video, but you hired a small, low-end producer. Chances are, that producer is a one-woman show, making videos with a handful of employees. If you have deadlines to meet, they will not be able to rush the videos, because they simply don’t have enough people or hours in the day to handle the volume of work.

With a high-end producer, you can expect videos to be completed with utmost professionalism on a deadline.  Professional production companies can finish company videos start to finish much faster than the little guys.

7- Your Target Demographic Undergoes A Change

If your customer base changes, you’ll need to produce content that speaks to them. As any good marketer knows, content that converts is content that puts the interests of buyers first.

If your videos don’t speak to your target demographic, they might as well not exist. Keep your videos current and while you’re at it, make them stand out by hiring a high end video production company.

Start 2017 Right

None of us can be in style all of the time, so don’t beat yourself up if your videos aren’t up to date (or in existence yet). But don’t sit around! Get on it, and start 2017 off with a high end company video!

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