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The Best Analytical Tools to Use for Measuring Video

Jan 17, 2023

Video is the best way for businesses, organizations, and individuals to communicate, entertain, and educate an audience. But you need the right tools—not just to make the perfect video, but to measure its effectiveness and engagement. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best analytics tools for measuring your video’s performance.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful—and free—tool that allows you to track and measure your website traffic, including video views. With Google Analytics, you can see how many people are watching your video, how long they’re watching for, and where they’re finding the video in the first place. You can also use it to see which videos are performing best—and which may need some improvement.

Vimeo Analytics

Vimeo is a popular video hosting platform that offers in-depth analytics for your videos. A similar platform to Google Analytics, Vimeo’s version allows you to see how many views your videos are getting, how long people are watching, and where you’re drawing viewers from. You can also see which videos are getting the most engagement and which could stand to be scrapped or recut. Vimeo offers multiple plans, including one that’s free (the Starter plan) and several paid plans that provide more in-depth analysis: the Standard and Advanced plans.

YouTube Analytics

As the largest video sharing platform in the world, YouTube offers a wealth of analytics tools to help measure the performance of your videos. With YouTube Analytics, you have access to all the same information as with Google and Vimeo, including noting which videos are really working for your brand. One thing that sets YouTube’s services apart is the sheer number of options when you factor in third party operators. Depending on your needs (and the size of your budget), you can choose from YouTube Analytics, Unmetric, Vidooly, ChannelMeter, Unbox Social, Tubular Labs, and more.


Vidyard is another powerful video analytics platform that provides insight into video performance. Vidyard offers all the same services as the other major platforms, with Free, Pro, and Business levels to meet the needs of varying budgets.


Wistia is a video hosting platform that offers a range of analytics tools to help you measure the performance of your videos. With Wistia, all of the plans include some basic analytics, including the free plan.

Any of these services will  help you measure the performance of your video content, providing valuable insight into its effectiveness and helping you optimize performance.

A free or low cost subscription service is one thing for analytics—and something entirely different when it comes to video production. You already know that videos are a great way to promote your products or services, and that they can also be used to provide valuable information to potential customers. But creating a video marketing campaign can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have access to state of the art equipment and editing software. 

A team of experts can help you create high-quality videos that will grab attention and get results. They can also track analytics for you—to track how your videos are performing and make necessary adjustments to ensure that your campaign is a success. At Front Runner Films, our award-winning team offers video marketing that drives real results. Don’t go it alone: let the professionals handle your video marketing needs. Let’s talk.

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