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Best Corporate Videos in 2022

Dec 12, 2022

 Corporate video can be a powerful tool for marketing and branding. It can help you promote signature products or a brand new service. But what makes for a great video, and how do you know what style is the right one for your business?

Look no further. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best corporate videos of 2022—and we’ll break down what makes them so effective. You’ll walk away knowing how to create a standout video that will reach your loyal customers and target a whole new audience.

1. Starbucks “Why does Starbucks blend coffee?” 

What it is: Starbucks’ video walks viewers through the “why” behind the development of unique flavors like their signature House Blend and the fan favorite Christmas Blend. As passionate coffee purveyors and incessant innovators, it’s no surprise that Starbucks knows a thing or two about brewing the perfect cup; it turns out that blending coffee from different regions is key. 

Why it works: The animation is calming and natural, and the voiceover artist sounds both confident and confiding—as if he’s letting us in on a little secret. He’s telling us something we may not already know: that Starbucks’ coffees taste different from the competitors because they are different. The video perfectly illustrates Starbucks’ commitment to quality and the lengths they go to in order to produce the perfect cup. It’s not explicitly about selling coffee—but seeing their branded cup in a dreamy landscape reminds viewers that great coffee is just around the corner at our local Starbucks.

2. Apple’s “Open”

 What it is: The video highlights Apple employees and customers around the world, engaging with the technology as a means of connecting with one another. Apple is a front-runner in promoting diversity, and this corporate video further demonstrates its commitment to equality.

Why it works: Instead of advertising individual products, Apple offers viewers insight into the company’s core values. The ‘Open’ video is designed to show that Apple as a company embraces differences in faith, ability, race, age, and ideology. The line “We don’t see things the same” echoes the iconic campaign “Think Different,” which reminds viewers both that Apple has been in business for a long time, and that their message is consistent: difference is a good thing.

3. Google’s “How Google Search reacts in critical moments”

What it is: This video explains how search results answer queries during crucial times, like when a wildfire breaks out. We all know there’s an algorithm at play, but Google’s video goes a step further and details the process.

Why it works: The global village style animation makes the video approachable and removes the fear factor that might come with watching real-world footage. It also reminds viewers that there are actual people in charge: in an emergency, trusted authorities—in this case, firefighting teams and legitimate news sources—can be heard over the frightened voices of the uninformed. It sets Google up as a trusted source in its own right, with the expectation that viewers will turn to their search engines first in a crisis.

4. Fiverr’s “Another Generic Recruitment Video” 

What it is: A tongue-in-cheek look at the generic “Come Work For Us” video, Fiverr’s take is to remind viewers that good employees can work anywhere. So why not work for Fiverr?

Why it works: The recruitment video does something that most others don’t—it highlights the company’s sense of humor as a core value. While the images are familiar, the voiceover makes fun of what we’re seeing, reminding us that so much corporate video unintentionally looks the same. This style is arresting and attention-grabbing, because it makes us laugh. Even if the viewer doesn’t know what company is being highlighted until the very end, it keeps our attention so we’re in no danger of turning it off. Fiverr’s gamble is that their funny take on office culture videos will leave a lasting impression—and it’s a gamble that works. We sure won’t forget the brand any time soon.


If you’re still unsure how corporate videos can help your business, here are a few things to remember.

1. They’re Versatile

Corporate videos can be used for all sorts of purposes, such as marketing products or services, promoting your brand, or providing employees with onboarding and continuing education. No matter your goals, there’s a corporate video style that can help you achieve them.

2. They’re Engaging

Corporate videos are an excellent way to engage with your audience and keep them entertained. Whether it’s exciting, informative, funny, or all of the above, viewers will watch a well-crafted video all the way through and remember your brand.

3. They’re Shareable

Highly shareable content means you have the potential to reach a broad audience. Viewers may share your video with their networks if your video is exceptionally well-done, increasing your brand’s exposure and helping draw in a new customer base.

4. Leave It to the Pros

Creating excellent corporate video may seem daunting, but with help from the professionals at Front Runner Films, it can be straightforward, stress-free, and dare we say fun. The best video production companies will work with you to understand your goals and create a video that perfectly aligns with your brand. Every brand has a story. If you’re ready to share yours, contact Front Runner Films today.

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