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Christmas Dinner with the Front Runner Team

Dec 9, 2019

They say you never really know someone until you have Christmas dinner…. well, we say that. So here is your in to truly knowing the Front Runner Team. We have asked everyone on the team to give an account of what it would be like to sit next ____ at Christmas dinner.


Home for the Holidays in: Munster, Indiana

Favorite thing about Christmas: As kids, my family would take the train into Chicago and have dinner at the Marshall Fields department store. Only, the line would be four hours long, so all the kids would go take naps on the beds and couches in the furniture department.

Best Holiday Movie: A Christmas Story, probably just because I’ve seen it so many times..

Favorite Holiday Treat: My wife, Hannah, makes the most delicious fudge and she only makes it at Christmas!

What he’d be like at Christmas Dinner: “There would be a whole lot of singing. I think Adam is really one of those kids that parents made the rule, ‘no singing at the dinner table’ for. And once everyone was tired of the singing, he would begin reenacting scenes from his favorite movies, with spot-on impersonations. It would be… entertaining.” –Beth Adams


Home for the Holidays in: Belingham, Washington

Favorite thing about Christmas: Unnecessary Consumerism…. oh also the quality time I get to spend with my family.

Best Holiday Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas or Home Alone or Christmas Vacation

Favorite Holiday Treat: These authentic German cookies my Grandma makes

What he’d be like at Christmas Dinner: “He’d be very neat and behaved… proper. Our conversation would be very jovial, but we would be talking about infrastructure and his favorite non-famous bridge designer.”- Adam McCoy


Home for the Holidays: Boise, Idaho

Favorite thing about the Holidays: Forced joy..

Favorite Holiday Movie: Christmas Vacation

Favorite Holiday Treat: Whiskey, really really nice expensive whiskey

What he’d be like at Christmas Dinner: “Well, I have had dinner with him before, it’s loud. He’s chatty, kind of just talks at me about his days in LA. The word nightmare comes to mind? Oh and not to mention the story about him meeting President Reagan!” –Jasper Kohler


Home for the Holidays: Boise, Idaho

Favorite thing about Christmas: Spending time with my family

Favorite Holiday Movie: A Christmas Story

Favorite Holiday Treat: Every year of my life I have had bacon wrapped water chestnuts

What he’d be like at Christmas Dinner:“…… soul crushing, but fun.” – Gavin Boyd


Home for the Holidays: Boise, Idaho

Favorite thing about Christmas: Having some downtime

Best Holiday Movie: Jingle all the Way

Favorite Holiday Treat: : Eggnog with Irish Cream

What he’d be like at Christmas Dinner: “There would be a lot of scotch ale… and a lot of laughs. We’d talk about movies. Only downside is I would have to hear about why the last Jedi is so great for at least half of dinner.” – Tyler Nimmons


Home for the Holidays: Norco, California

Favorite thing about Christmas: Putting up decorations. I don’t really like having them, I just like putting them up.

Best Holiday Movie: The Santa Clause II

Favorite Holiday Treat: Sugar Cookies

What he’d be like at Christmas Dinner: “It would be very tech-centric. He would have his bluetooth in his ear, but not actually on the phone with anyone. He would also have some Elon Musk presentation going on his phone, then when someone talked to him he’s go, ‘sorry what?’. ” -Brandon Freeman


Home for the Holidays: Long Island, New York

Favorite thing about Christmas: Being with family, especially my Aunt Helen 😉 *See Vlog 7

Best Holiday Movie: Love Actually

Favorite Holiday Treat: Since my birthday is on Christmas, my mom makes this really delicious brownie cheesecake!

What she’d be like at Christmas Dinner:“I’d be eating a cookie and she would just start laughing so hard she started uncontrollably crying. I’d be a little uncomfortable… but amused. “-Bailey Nellesen


Home for the Holidays: Sometimes Dallas, sometimes Denver, this year Boise!

Favorite thing about Christmas: Christmas Eve we drive around to look at Christmas lights. Then we go home and have a glass of wine and open our matching family Christmas PJs, although anymore they are less matching and more just tailored to each person’s personality. And we all sit by the fire and chat, it’s really nice.

Best Holiday Movie: Corinne and Jasper stole mine… Love Actually and Christmas Vacation!

Favorite Holiday Treat: My mom makes Nestle Toll House Pie, it is literally like a giant chocolate chip cookie melted into a pie with cool whip on top.

What she’d be like at Christmas Dinner:“The whole conversation would be about puppies. Also, we would start out sober and then after one or two glasses of wine we would be signing up for some Brazilian marathon or something.”- Corinne Schmidt

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