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Company Culture Videos Explained (+ 3 awesome examples)

Nov 5, 2018

Your company culture is more than a fancy office set-up or crazy employee perks. It’s also not a simple mission statement that is solely based on achievement, e.g.: To increase sales each year.
Your culture is the unique blend of your shared beliefs in relation to what your company does. It’s not only the “what” but also the “why” behind what you do. Your culture is the heart of your brand, it’s your overarching purpose and is often linked to altruism and ethics. It’s the personality of your company, it’s what makes you remarkable, and it’s how potential customers will remember you.
The power of company culture is to be ignored at your own risk. If you fail to define what approach, beliefs and values your company and it’s employees follow, then you risk internal unrest and conflict, less than ideal productivity, limited willingness to learn and grow and increases in time off related to illness and stress. When your companies’ goals align with your employees personal values, beliefs and needs this offers the most effective manner to motivate your team to produce their best work, and cultivates a warm, collaborative and welcoming investment.
A defined company culture is imperative to a successful business, but how does it relate to your marketing campaign?
If your company culture is your “why”, then why is your why so important in relation to the message you present publicly? Because once your future customers have compared you to your competitors, they will make their purchasing decision based on how aligned they are to your culture.  (Yes, we make most major decision based on what we often refer to as “gut instinct”. Still don’t believe me? Read more about this here.)
As it’s so very important in the decision making of your audience, how do you communicate your company culture in an engaging and effective manner? In short: video. Sure, by 2020 video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic, and that’s almost reason enough, but there’s more convincing reasons too.
Video is the perfect medium to share a story that evokes an emotional reaction. Think about how much more affecting and engaging a favorite commercial is compared to a text-based “About Us” section of a website. If you are asked to describe the personality of a friend (or enemy!) consider how much more true your expression would be if you could use a variety of tools such as color, sound, light, humor and images. How we feel about a person or company is so much more dynamic and complicated than even the most detailed resume or bio.
Your customers want to see and hear from you and your employees in their work environment, they want to meet the real people behind the corporate sales pitch and video is the very best way to introduce them.
In closing, let’s take a look at three terrifically creative and original examples of company culture videos that have greatly affected the success fo the companies that feature in them. If you would like to work with a company that understands how to encapsulate the essence of your brand in a company culture video that works, then send us an email at or find out more about us here.


An original, humorous and on-brand take on the classic interview format. This video speaks to the creative minds behind this data management platform that’s aimed at (you guessed it) other creative minds.


A company that rebels against the norm when it comes to recruitment and placement, develop a video that rebels against the norm when it comes to culture videos.


A company that is managed and staffed by nurses with the biggest hearts in the business. This simple format lets compassion tell the story.

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