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Corporate Videos: What Are They Really & Does Your Company Need Them?

Feb 20, 2017

Corporate Video: It’s a term thrown around a lot in marketing meetings, and most people agree they can be a useful tool for business’, but the definition of what they actually are remains a little fuzzy. Until today that is! Today we unravel this mystery once and for all as we take a closer look at what Corporate Video is, where it’s used, and why it’s used. Our hope is that this information will help you make an informed decision regarding if Corporate Video is a good investment for your company. 


Corporate Video is an umbrella term that describes a video produced by a company for a specific audience. The audience could be external (people outside the company such as potential clients, existing clients, potential employees, etc) or could be internal (existing employees, specific departments, parent companies, etc). It’s the specificity of the audience and the message that separates Corporate Video from Commercials, which usually have a much broader audience and message. It’s like using a laser to aim for the bullseye instead of a broader, shotgun approach to communication.


Corporate video can be used to provide a communication solution for several scenarios. These videos will be seen through internally screenings, via online hosting sites or websites, or as a part of trade shows or live presentations. Here are some of the most common forms of Corporate video:

  • Promotional/Conference Videos: These videos usually to introduce or to highlight a specific area of service or a specific product. They are also used to introduce internal initiatives and are sometimes recordings of live conferences which are edited into sizzle and highlight reels.
  • Educational/Training Videos: This category covers new-hire introductions, health and safety training and other forms of educational videos. It’s a cost-effective way of communication information to multiple audiences in varied locations or at different times.
  • Company Culture/Social Responsibility Videos: These productions highlight the heart of a company, they explore the story behind the brand, what drives the business and what the core values of the company culture are. They can be shared with new hires as well as the general public.
  • Internal Communication Videos: These videos are for internal audiences. They may communicate developments within the company, introduce new products, services or initiatives, distribute sales information and can even be used to raise moral.

Company Culture (Corporate) Video we produced for DNM (Delicious Nutritious Markets)


In short – they Corporate Videos are used by the majority of successful business’ because they work; not only are cost effective, they are proven to significantly improve engagement with both internal and external audiences and increase quality traffic to websites. In a recent (2015) study it was shown that 96% of all B2B organizations now use video. Not only do visitors spend more time on websites that contain video, the video format allows companies to share a large amount of (sometimes complex) information in a quick and easily digestible manner. Video provides business owners to share information about their company, product, or service in an entertaining and heartfelt way. For many, video is the preferred method of receiving information as proven by the ever-growing popularity of social sites and services such as Instagram video, Facebook live, Snapchat and YouTube (being the most popular site on the internet, with the exception of And in 2017, experts predict that video will continue to dominate online communication, continuing its steady upward trend.

Put simply, if you don’t use any of the various iterations of Corporate Video for your business you’re a step behind your competition. We’re here to help. Use the contact form below to reach out and say hi, we’d love to help you develop an online video presence that’s full of authenticity, heart and humor. Learn more about what we love to do here.

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