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Get to Know the Team- A Q&A with the FRF team

May 25, 2019

-Interviews and writing by Marley King, marketing intern

Humor and heart. Ultimately this is what Front Runner Films strives for. But just who’s humor, who’s heart, and who is the driving force behind the studio? Today we take a look behind the scenes, and get to know the team a bit better.

Tyler Nimmons, Creative Director and CEO

Gavin Boyd, Head of Production

Rawley Frye, Sr. Business Development Specialist

Brandon Freeman, DP and Editor

Beth Adams, Marketing and Content Development

Sarah-Jane Dalby, Creative Content Producer

Adam McCoy, Editor

Not pictured: Sarah-Jane Dalby & Adam McCoy

Q: How do the various personalities in the company mesh to create the Front Runner culture?


TN: It’s a great job to have and it is hard work, but I always look at it as a privilege and a joy to be able to do this as a living. For someone to work and mesh here, they can’t take themselves too seriously, and you have to be 100% committed to what you’re doing, no matter how mundane you may think it is.

GB: It is equal parts that everyone works really hard and comes in with a strong work ethic. Nobody is here for the wrong reason. Funny withstands and that’s kind of what shapes the culture.

SD: I think it is a beautiful eclectic mix of people from all different backgrounds, both professionally and culturally, but we all share the same passion for storytelling through film. We are, quite literally, the band of misfits on an epic journey to save the kingdom and rescue the princess.

Q: What pieces of cinema/film inspire you?


BA: If we’re talking cinematography, Pride and Prejudice, I love the way it was shot. I also love everything BBC Earth does, their films are educational and beautiful.

SD: 80’s and 90’s cinema, specifically Labyrinth with David Bowie. It’s all about one girl against the whole world, and triumphing on her own.

AM: Man, I really like the work of Paul Thomas Anderson because he’s really not afraid to push norms and boundaries and make something that’s really weird but also still poignant. I also like Edgar Wright because he’s not afraid to have fun.

Q: If you could morph two animals into one super animal, what would it/they be?


TN: Definitely a monkey. Kind of like the monkey from Planet of the Apes (but that didn’t work out so well). I don’t know what you could do to make a monkey better.

GB: I would go bulldog monkey. Just because the tenacity of a bulldog and the agility of a monkey would be unstoppable.

RF: I would morph a giraffe with a tiger because it would be majestic, but also strong and imposing.

BF: Well I definitely like cats, but probably a bigger cat. Let’s do a cougar. A lion and a tiger would be too basic. So a cougar, plus a hawk is what I’d do. It could just mess you up in so many ways, it would be the ultimate hunter.

BA: I think golden retrievers are perfect as they are, they’re already a super animal without being morphed.

AM: A snake and a cat. It would be a cuddly little snake and it would give the best hugs. You know, you could wear it out as a scarf.

Q: What do you consider good/quality video?


RF: Something that is entertaining yet gets the message across, and I know exactly what that video is about. Regardless of the material or subject matter, if you can make a video that is watchable and still promotes the ideas and gets the message of the client across. Those are the best kinds of videos for me because they have staying power.

BF: I think quality video understands what it is, and doesn’t try to copy what someone else does. It focuses on expressing its subject in the most unique and creative way, and also the simplest way. People think that simple means easy, but that’s almost never the case.

AM: Quality video! Rule number one: Don’t be boring. Rule number two: Have something to say. Rule number three: Say it in an interesting way with video and audio.

Q: What is the funniest things one of your fellow coworkers has done?


TN: It’s gotta be Gavin. His timing is just so perfectly inappropriate, it will literally drop me to my knees laughing the second he says something.

GB: Tyler’s impressions. It’s like there’s 25 different people living inside his head. Mostly one liners though, it’s like a constant standup routine here.

RF: It’s gotta be Tyler when he does his Joe Pesci impersonation and goes on a rant, that kills me every time.

BF: Probably seeing Tyler put on a T-Rex costume backwards. He then fell down on the ground, trying to reorient himself.

Q: If you were given a one minute ad slot at the Superbowl, what would you fill it with?


TN: It would just be me, staring straight down the lens of the camera, eating chips and queso for a minute straight.

RF: Pictures of my daughter.

BA: I’m very interested in the topic of military families and ways to support them, so I would probably fill it with an ad for my documentary

AM: I would fill it with something pretty. Meta sounds, no movement, just a nice sunrise or sunset and give people a break from the machismo-ness of football.

Q: If you could give one film a perfect 10/10, what would it be and why?


GB: There’s one that always stands out, but it’s such an obvious choice, but, The Godfather one and two.

BF: See the thing is, if you watch a film repeatedly you’ll start to tear is apart, but what’s more important is how the film made you feel. I would have to pick collateral then, not because it’s a great movie, but because of how it made me feel.

BA: I like some really weird movies that aren’t that good, but I love the actors in them. Rio Bravo is one of my favorites because I’m obsessed with Dean Martin, and who doesn’t love John Wayne?

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