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Getting Clients is not just “Luck of the Draw”

Mar 11, 2019

According to Forbes, marketing and customer loyalty is the number four concern of most businesses. Because ultimately, what makes our businesses turn-round? Our clients.

So when finding clients, though it may be necessary to cast a big net, it is also necessary to be selective. With so many new companies popping up, where would one even begin to know where to start looking? The answer is within. Weird? Maybe, but it’s important to know your company inside and out so you can make your marketing as lucrative as possible. It’s the same as when you first started dating or looking for your dream job. If you start searching before you even know what you are looking for, you will most likely waste a lot of time and energy on many duds before you end up settling for less than you’re worth.

Define your company culture:

What does your company do and who do you seek to help? Do you like to stress your competitive rates, your quick turn-around, or your high-end products? Odds are– starting out, you will not have that trifecta so you need to pick what is most viable for you right now. Once you have figured out what makes you tick, put that out to the world. Shout it from the rooftops! Because who knows, maybe someone will hear you and resonate with it.

Here’s our Front Runner Films example:

We LOVE what we do because we like to tell stories with Humor and Heart. We like to find clients who have that same passion behind their own companies because it makes it easier for us to show that in a compelling video that will help them spread the word about their own company culture. If you are looking for award-winning video production get a quote from us. We’ll help bring your product, people and passion to light. 

OK, now you have defined your culture. You have a clear idea of who you are, but are you hiring people that match your ideals? Don’t forget that when your employees walk in and out of the door they are representing you and sharing in your endeavors and ideally working toward your same goals. Be selective and pick people who will easily align with the culture you are trying to create. It will be better for the employee if they are working for a company they can get behind, and better for you when they are enthusiastic to help your company progress!

Once you have a clear idea of the heartbeat of your company, you’ll be ready to really do some effective marketing. There are some unique ways you can market yourselves to attract like-minded clients. Consider throwing a networking party. Invite everyone you know and tell them to invite other professionals. This is also a great way to say thanks to your current clients and help you get to know them in a little less formal environment. Attend networking groups and join community organizations. Sign up for a trade show that caters to your perfect clients. Oh and the obvious answer: make a video!
Of course, being a video production company we will try to sell you on the video. But really, video is important. Think about that television show that you binge watch, and you have just fallen smitten with the characters. As the viewer, you form a para-social relationship with the characters and start seeing them as a part of your life. That is what video can do for you. When you show a video, your clients will get to see you and hear from you and ultimately build a relationship with you before you even begin.

When you are searching for the right clients it should never just be left to luck. Unless of course you know where that pot of gold is hidden. Be clear, be specific, and don’t be afraid to be a bit picky. When you have a clear sense of self, you have better more effective marketing, which will, in turn, bring in your dream clients that you can’t wait to work for!

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