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How Are We Telling Your Story during the Pandemic?

May 18, 2020

We’ve all gotten use to life in a pandemic with many of us taking advantage of video to communicate. We give an inside look to life inside our Corporate Video Agency and our newest product – the RoadRunner which is a new remote video unit made for corporate production that allows you to capture high quality video and audio from anywhere – professionally produced by our awarded team. 

The past two months have meant major changes in where and how we work, and those of us here at Front Runner are no exception. Editing, admin, and marketing are all doable (with the right equipment) at our work-from-home desks. We’re communicating by phone and video conference, Slack channels, emails and text messages. But what about the heart of our business: filming corporate videos? Yup, still doing it. Sure, it requires a little more out-of-the-box thinking, but we’re making it happen. Here’s how.

How we’re working through the pandemic

  1. Animation. Our cracker jack animation team is diligently storyboarding and building cells, all to make original animated content that will wow your viewers. No need to film actors in a studio or on location, no need for set building or lighting setups. There’s no need to social distance here, because there’s no human contact–everything happens on the computer, or with one of our artists leaning over old fashioned pen and paper.
  2. Stock Footage. If you’ve ever been poking around online and seen a generic sunrise or an image of children laughing, chances are your looking at stock footage. Some stock footage is dated and cheesy, but there’s also a lot of cool, new content that can relate directly to your brand. It’s available immediately, and reasonably priced. Sometimes you can even buy it out in perpetuity, meaning you’ll never have the awkward experience of seeing “your” video footage with someone else’s name on it.
  3. Office Filming. Say you want a host in your video, talking about your brand, maybe sharing a product you’re excited about. Stock footage won’t work, animation’s not your cup of tea. We can still direct and edit a video that meets your exact specifications by shooting it in our studio with a socially distanced crew. We’re keeping things safe: we promise.
  4. roadRunner. We’re pretty excited about this last option: we send you a remote kit in the mail that has a camera, laptop, lighting and audio. Then we walk you through how to set everything up, with a quick tutorial on angles and lighting. But in the end the hardest thing you will have to do is press record on the audio microphone–because we have access to the kit, so we can direct the action through your laptop screen. After we finish shooting, you pack up the materials, put the prepaid label on the equipment and send it back. Easy as pie. If you’re looking for the best applications for roadRunner remote video unit – explore our introduction article.

Is any of this what you had in mind when you sat down with your team a few months ago and said, “Hey, how about a video?” Maybe not. But in a strange new world, we’re all figuring out ways to move forward. How can we help you tell your story?

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