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How to Build Trust with Your Customers in 2021 and Why it’s Important

Apr 26, 2021

In today’s digital world, consumers are bombarded with endless product/service advertisements on various platforms ranging from social media to TVs. This has made them a little (understandably) skeptical about everything. For a customer to purchase your product or solution in 2021, they must have trust in you and your brand. Although trust is an essential commodity in business, these days, it’s hard to come by.

Any business that wants to attract prospects, build meaningful relationships, and ultimately sell products/services must learn how to make their brand trustworthy. There are multiple ways that businesses can build trust with their audiences, but branded video content has proved to be an excellent way. This is not only because of the visual element but also due to video content’s intimate nature.  Videos help you capture everything about your company, thereby helping shape a customer’s opinion of your brand. Let’s look at some tips to help build trust with your customers using videos.

  1. Create Videos that Tell Your Brand’s Story

While most businesses concentrate so much on advertising their products/ solutions, they tend to forget that modern customers want to learn your story first before deciding to work or buy from you. Therefore, it’s vitally essential that you craft videos that tell your brand story and make them the foundation of your marketing campaign. Let the consumers know why your business was created, its mission, goals, and the struggles you went through to make it what it is right now.

Customers don’t want you to only highlight your services/products; they want to understand the narrative behind the brand. Here, you can include information about your earlier days in business, your employees, and what your company does for the local community. All this information can make your brand relatable and memorable.

At Front Runner Films we find and then capture the story behind companies, and we do so with humor & heart. Often times, for example, industrial companies – may believe their work is not glamorous enough for compelling storytelling, but that’s simply not true. For example, one of our favorite compliments is ‘You made cement interesting.’ [Watch video]

Video Testimonials are Excellent at Building Trust

Having a satisfied customer on video is a fantastic way to get other customers to trust your brand. Somebody may know about the products/solutions you provide, but they will only work with your company once they hear what other customers have to say about your brand. Satisfied customers are ready-made brand advocates who can appeal to the emotions of other prospective clients.

To create an excellent testimonial video, skip the infomercial or coaching-type skits, and let customers speak for the heart. Let them start by detailing the problem they were facing before and then talk about how the product helped fix the issue. They can then wrap up the video by highlighting some of the features they loved about your product or solution.

  1. Let Customer See What Happens Behind the Scenes

Exposing the integral aspects of your business to your prospective customers can help make your brand relatable. Giving customers a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes helps them understand your company culture and how your business is run. Once customers see what happens inside your business, they appreciate every effort and feel like a part of your world; something that can make them trust your brand and convert into the most loyal customers.

You can also add some scenes displaying your brand’s expertise. Recording the most talented and skilled employees tackling high-demanding activities or letting them share a few hacks that clients can use at home can help change their opinion towards your brand. Customers are always attracted to a business that displays authority in their respective fields. Once they discover that your company has unmatched expertise in a given area, they’ll always trust that you can handle any problem in that niche.

  1. Direct Engagements are Invaluable

Marketing videos don’t have to be a one-way street. Making your videos interactive and engaging can make clients feel like they can trust you. If you record some videos and release them out there without checking the feedback and replying to any queries, customers might think that you don’t have their best interest at heart. Let’s highlight some intuitive ways of enhancing video engagements with your customers:

  • Always respond to questions asked below a video. Currently, video platforms offer you the chance to engage with your audiences. Answering the questions asked in the message section builds trust and makes clients feel valued.
  • Appreciate your customers on video. Creating videos with particular appreciation messages can go a long way to make customers feel valued and build trust.

There is a heartbeat behind every company and identifying it and capturing it will play a game-changing role in your marketing strategy and overall business identity. Check out the work we love to do that takes our clients’ stories and businesses to the next level.

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