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How Video Is Growing The Financial Industry

Jul 18, 2022

Financial technology has led to the introduction of innovative and essential but complex financial products, services, and jargon that are difficult to grasp (especially for those who are not tech-savvy.)  We’ve heard clients express how daunting it can be to have their brand’s voice heard and their financial services and products easily understood in the fiercely competitive and ever-evolving economic landscape. This is where Front Runner Films comes in. We are a film company with a high focus on Fintech and Financial Corporate Video Production

Who Are We? 

An innovative, unique, and captivating video always gets the job done in an era where having the patience to read anything longer than a few sentences on social media seems to be a challenge for many. As a leading film production company, we have helped several FinTech companies and financial institutions turn their complicated concepts and ideas into creative, exciting, and engaging videos. 

Front Runner Films boasts a full-house of professional experts who produce a wide variety of videos to meet different FinTech needs. We have worked with banks offering total AP solutions for their clients and financial technology institutions spearheading various innovative financial products. We collaborate with your in-house team to create videos that expound on your financial innovation and branding strategy. 

We also create engaging informational and marketing videos that cut straight to the heart of the issue to grab your clients’ attention. Having grown with many FinTech companies, we have learned and grasped everything about creating videos for the finance industry. We can confidently say that we understand what type of videos your financial institution or FinTech company needs.

In the past few years, we won several awards for creating demos, intros, and instructional videos for some of the most prominent and globally recognized FinTech companies and financial institutions.


These include Huntington National Bank, Bank of the West, Corporate Spending Innovations, Howard Capital Management, Quickbooks and many more!

What Solutions Do We Offer?

Front Runner Films helps small to significant financial and FinTech companies create easy-to-understand, better-looking and exciting videos that break down complicated economic subjects.

  1. Internal Training and Education Videos

Since FinTech is constantly evolving, employees need to keep up with new technology jargon, products, and services. Front Runner Film creates insightful and engaging internal training videos that help scale communications and improve development initiatives. They help cut costs and help organizations become more agile. 

  1.  Product Introduction Videos

Financial technology can introduce innovative financial products that customers need to know about. Our experienced production team creates product introduction videos to help your company or organization debut its digital products and solutions to your target audience. Our videos are crafted to inform and educate customers about a product engaging, creative, and fun way. 

  1. Product Overview Videos 

We also make a captivating product overview video to explain what your product does and how it can benefit the viewer. This will help existing customers know about your products and push your prospective customer further down the funnel. 

  1.   Outbound Prospecting & Current Client Awareness Videos

Front Runner Film also produces interactive and engaging brand videos for your social media campaigns. We specialize in creating relatable brand stories that help you connect better with your existing and prospective customers. 

Elite Programs Tailored to Your Company or Institutions’ Unique Needs 

UI Walkthrough 

Front Runner Film crafts 5-15 minutes instructional videos to train the workforce on how the interface works and integrates with your systems. These videos fulfill all your internal training requirements by explaining what a new or existing technology entails. 

Flexible Overview

Our 90 seconds to 3 minutes videos will provide a high-level overview of your products and the benefits that customers will reap by using them. The videos are versatile, but they also offer a visually enticing breakdown. 

High Impact

We also craft 15 to 30-second social media teaser videos that explain everything about your company and brand in the simplest terms possible. We develop video content that drives traffic to your social media platforms with your in-house marketing and social media management teams.   

How To 

Instead of relying on the bulky text modules when training your workforce, we can create 30 to 60-second topical training videos to help your employees familiarize themselves with the UI. These videos can also provide quick resolutions to regular clients’ queries, thereby letting the support staff deal with only more technical issues.  

Why Should You Choose Us?

front runner team


Front Runner Films boasts several years of crafting top-class videos for financial institutions and FinTech companies. This means we have an established system to tackle projects of any magnitude from beginning to end. 

Cutting-edge Equipment

Our top-quality equipment allows us to deliver high-quality videos. You’re guaranteed videos with unparalleled audio and video quality when you collaborate with us. 

Professionalism and Expertise

All our employees have undergone rigorous training and are certified in film processes and theory.

Time Consciousness

Front Runner Film delivers any video project within the specified timeline to make sure that you execute your strategies without any delays. 

 Talk to Us, and Let’s Get Started

Front Runner Films works well with clients by providing a high level of collaboration. We seek to know everything about your business, including your goals, what you want to achieve with the video, and what matters to your customers. Then, we delve into an in-depth research process and develop creative, insightful, and unique ideas. We marry your company’s ambition with our vision and produce the best possible result. 

We maintain a high level of communication to ensure that client needs and preferences are well reflected in the videos we create. Don’t bore your workforce and customers with brochures about your organization’s latest financial technology innovations! Take a proactive approach by creating videos to ensure your enterprise doesn’t lag. 

Let’s talk! We’d love to hear your goals and discuss how we can nudge your FinTech company or Financial Institution into the future with simple, creative, and engaging video content campaigns.

Get to Know Front Runner Films

Front Runner Films is a corporate video production company telling humorous and heartfelt stories helping bring products, companies and passion to light.

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