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How Video Works with Amazon Ads

Jan 18, 2022

People are on Amazon to buy something, so you’re halfway there. How can you make sure that your product is the one that ends up in their cart? On a site like Amazon where consumers are bombarded with all types of ads already, you want to get noticed. 

Enter, video ads. 

How can Amazon video ads help you? 

Here’s something you may already know: videos are entertaining, engaging, and people can’t seem to get enough of them. 

So, what if you could harness this medium in a crowded platform like Amazon?

You would have better chances of driving conversions, that’s for sure. You’ll be able to give your consumers the opportunity to get a better feel of your product without having to search it out themselves or even leave their browsing experience. 

With video, your potential buyers won’t need to imagine what it would be like to use your product — they can actually watch a demonstration of how it works and decide if that is right for them or not. 

Plus, you can go into more detail about what makes your product different from others, and why they should choose yours over another brand’s similar offering. 

Take for example our recent work with Harness Lead.

If you’re looking for professional Amazon Video Ads or Product Explainer video, contact us.

Now here’s the most exciting part: you can do all this and more with Amazon’s video ads. 

What does video advertising on Amazon look like?

There’s actually more than one way you can advertise through video on Amazon. 

Amazon Live, Amazon Video, and Posts — these are just some of Amazon’s advertising technologies that you can use. Let’s get to know each one of them below. 

Amazon Live

You’ve heard of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live. And now, there’s also Amazon Live. 

Amazon Live is exactly what it sounds like. You create a real live video for your promotions.

This is a great way to get the attention of your target audience. You can use it when you already have an existing product, or if you’re still in the process of bringing out your new one — whatever stage you are in will not be an issue because this feature caters to everyone!

But, of course, you may have your apprehensions about going live. The great thing about this is that the Amazon Live app allows you to go on a practice run (or several runs, actually) until you are satisfied with the result. You also have the option of saving your video and scheduling it for posting at a later time. This can be handy when you want your video to be posted during peak hours. 

Amazon Video Ads

This ad type allows you to reach users not just on Amazon’s site, but also on Amazon-affiliated channels and apps. We’re talking about, Twitch, and even devices such as FireTV. 

In other words, you can bring your brand where your buyers usually are — as they are streaming their favorite shows and movie.  

Just think of this as the ads that you see on YouTube. Notice that they seem targeted to your interests and preferences? Well, Amazon Video ads are a lot like that too. You get to determine the segment that will likely respond to you, and advertise directly to them. 

Sounds like a good way to reach your buyers? Now all you have to do is to create a compelling enough video to entice them to click and learn more about what you have to offer. If they’re interested, they can click on your ad and be taken directly to your Amazon product page. 

Amazon Posts

Another exciting feature that Amazon offers you is the ability to post directly on its site and app with an image, video, or text — just like what we do on Facebook! It’s a fast and convenient way to engage and inform buyers about what your store has to offer. 

You don’t have to go through the whole rigmarole of creating a new site for this ad feature — just create and publish content on your own Amazon feed. Interested buyers can then browse through it to find highlights of your product or to simply check out what you have to offer. 

Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos

Want to take your Amazon video advertising a step further? Advertise your content in Amazon search results through video. This allows customers to fully see what you’re advertising without having to click on the ad.

Shoppers with high purchase intent can easily watch the informative product and brand overviews before clicking into the listing, increasing the chance that they’ll remember you or commit to purchasing from you over a competitor.

The best part about this video feature is that it allows you to target your audience based on their interests. With an unlimited number of keywords, your potential customers will be able to find exactly what they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Guidelines and best practices for Amazon Advertising

Ready to boost your sales through Amazon Advertising? Here are some ways you can make the most out of this platform:

Know your audience.

Always make a point to know your audience well. How old are they? What do they like doing in their spare time? What is the main source of entertainment for them? Answering all these allows you to run a more targeted and successful campaign. 

Know what you’re selling. 

If it’s not clear enough from just simply looking at your product, take advantage of this opportunity and show off its features. Video is a great way to highlight all this without the lengthy blocks of text. 

Show your product within the first second.

When shoppers are scrolling through videos on their mobile devices, the first frame makes a big difference. Research suggests that when your video fades in from black or starts with an empty screen, you have lost potential customers within seconds and wasted time filling up space. If possible, start out by showing how great of a product it is right away to be more successful among competitors!

Keep it brief.

Don’t drag on; keep it short and sweet, but make sure you include the important points about your unique selling points. A video length of 15 – 30 seconds is best to keep your customers’ attention.

Optimize your videos for the format.

Videos for this feature automatically play without sound and one cannot switch to full screen. Therefore, ensure your videos can work with no sound and the on-screen text is legible across different types of devices. This can be tricky, but we can help. 

Keep the loop in mind.

The video auto-loops once it comes to an end. You can therefore include an end card or find a way to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

You can also get more guidance using Amazon’s free advertising university

Get help from the professionals 

Video ads are becoming more and more popular which means that every aspect of your video should be optimized to ensure you stand out. To get a leg up from the competition, make sure that your videos aren’t just well-placed on Amazon sites and their affiliate pages – they have to be well-made too. 

At Front Runner Films, our award-winning production company, we love to tell humorous and heartfelt stories bringing companies, products, and passion to light. 

Interested in taking advantage of Amazon’s video advertising features? Let our award-winning team help you convey credibility and stand out from the crowd with a high-quality Branding or Product Explainer video. We’d love to talk

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