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Medical Corporate Video Case Study: “Optilube”

Mar 20, 2017

It can be a slippery topic, but UK based medical supplier Optimum Medical needed their Chinese buyers to get a grip regarding the advantage of sterile, single-use-dispensed medical lubricating gel. Product Manager Gareth Rimmington knew the huge advantage corporate videos can be for business’ (especially within the medical industry), and enlisted the help of a professional production company to create a single 30-second commercial intended for online, that soon became a highly successful campaign of product demonstration and education videos.

We’ll take a look at this video solution in more detail below, but first here’s a link to initial spot that got the ball rolling:

  • Client: Optimum Medical Ltd.
  • Agency: Mandrill Video Production (UK)
  • Year: 2015
  • Distribution: The video series features on the Optimum website & Vimeo

The Problem:

  • How to convince their Chinese clients to buy their product
  • How to educate their clients about what their product is and why it’s different/superior (single use)
  • How to overcome potential language problems, create an internationally friendly sales message
  • How to express the heart behind the Optimum Medical brand and their products

The Solution:

Aim higher than the all-too-common, low budget medical commercial.

The client could have settled for a stock-standard industrial style video, instead they took the problem and looked beyond the obvious solution. Here was the perfect opportunity to do more than “sell’ a product. Instead they used video storytelling to engage viewers and take them into a world they’re very familiar with – the clinical setting – and remind them that the benefactors of the product were not only the medical staff, but the patients too. Instead of cold, hard facts thrown in their faces, buyers are EDUCATED us as to why the product they are offering is so superior.

Keeping the messaging visually-focused also helped to overcome the language barrier for their international customers. A pleasant side-effect of this style of video is that the viewer focuses on the emotion of the sales message (the emotional reaction is where the conversion to sale often lies) and not on distracting subtitles.

By investing just a little more time and budget, they expanded on their initial approach and really understanding the value of these kinds of well-produced and immersive stories, eventually produced a series of ten separate videos. This result is an audio-visual toolbox for Optimum’s sales teams and distributors, and they also formed a clinician’s resource on the company website.

The Results:

The result is a well made series of videos that (thanks to high production value of a professional crew) looks more like a mini documentary series than commercials, and the ride you take when watching it is both educational and memorable. In fact, it’s the heart and humanity of these pieces that does all the selling in an organic and authentic manner. The overarching message, that a key benefit and focus of Optimum Medical’s products is patient comfort, was delivered loud and clear.

“The result was a series of extremely polished, fantastic quality films which have proved very popular with our international network of clinicians and distributors.” (Optimum’s Marketing Manager Zoe Boyes)


Emotional connection is the strongest driving force towards conversion behind the most successful Corporate Videos. In this case study, the viewer is educated in not only how Optimum Medical’s products increase the value of the experience for both the practitioner and the patient, but also about the company itself – the heart of Optimum Medical’s brand. It seems that the infamously grumpy genius of House MD is a fitting way to end this case study, as he reminds us of how we make decisions…


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