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Ok, ok, I will start marketing… but what do I post?

Jul 15, 2019

(Hopefully) in last week’s article, we convinced you to start getting on top of your marketing and that is why you are here. But if you have not been fully convinced– maybe you will be once you see how easy it is to “do marketing”!

Now.. maybe for job security sake, I should be careful when I say, marketing is common sense… but then that wouldn’t be very helpful to you now would it?
Really all marketing is, is thinking in the shoes of another person and imagining what you could do to make them want your product/service. Now, to get better at marketing, take that and think of the most effective ways someone could communicate that you need their product/service.There are plenty of ways you can impart this knowledge to your crowd, so here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Blogs-

If you love to write and have a lot to say about your specialization, blogging could be a great way to go. With a ton of blogs out there, it will be important to find a voice unique to you. If you are a serious person, don’t try to be funny…. it will come across awkward. Just like if you are funny, let that voice come through a bit. Your writing will be easier and more fluid if you write as if you were just talking to your mom in kitchen.

2. Infographics-

Break up the text heavy blogs, by posting an eye-catching infographic. Moving infographics are becoming more and more popular because they get people interacting with the topic.

3. Get personal-

Don’t be afraid to post things that show who you are outside of your business– show more of your personality and motivation behind your work. When you share a little about yourself, it helps people relate to you and might make them want to work with you all the more! (Assuming you have a good personality… :P)

4. Quizzes-

People love a good quiz. Whether you make a quiz to help people figure out what the best product for them will be or to see if their personality fits to your business, people love being asked about themselves! But make sure the quiz is relevant to what you do. You do not want to confuse people by posting a quiz about “what ice cream flavor are you?” when your company manufactures computers. Quizzes are also a great way to get feedback from your customers about their experiences working with you.

5. Of course I’m gonna say it… VIDEOS-

Seriously though, get yourself some videos. People will be drawn to seeing rather than reading about your business. Writing about it seems a little counter-productive…so here’s a video about video marketing!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, not to worry. There’s always Dwight to put it into perspective! And just remember, in the end, marketing is just trying to think like your future clients: what do they want? and why should they choose you?

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