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Why to Spend your Q4 Budget on High-Quality Video

Nov 7, 2022

As the end of the year approaches, team members are scrambling to use their remaining marketing budget wisely. More businesses than ever are considering investing in high-quality video content to set their companies up for unprecedented success in 2023 and beyond. But why?

What is it that makes video a better marketing tool than any other?

 For one thing, 94% of businesses agree that video increases user understanding of a service or product. That means the vast majority of businesses are all on the same page: that the page is no longer enough. All the one-sheets and infographics in the world can’t match up against a well-executed video. 

Good video is incredibly effective at generating leads and offers a much better ROI than still photos. Not only do videos grab the attention of potential leads and draw them in, they provide much more information in a shorter amount of time. Not only can you more effectively demonstrate your product or service and give potential customers a better understanding of its benefits, it allows you to showcase your brand’s personality and humanize your business.

Why should a business invest in high-quality video?

 In a world where cell phone videos flood social media feeds and email inboxes, it can be easy to get used to low-production-value video content. However, incorporating high-quality, professional footage into your marketing plan can have a huge impact on viewers. It will not only surprise them and grab their attention, but it showcases the thought and care put into your content which adds credibility to your brand. 

Higher resolution and better sound quality aren’t even the biggest wins. Working with professionals means you’ll have experts considering the messaging, pacing, story, tone, and overall vision for the project. Not only will this ensure a more engaging viewing experience, but it will make it much more likely that your campaign will engage, connect, and convert your ideal audience.

So while it may require a larger investment upfront, incorporating high-production value video into your marketing strategy is guaranteed to impress potential customers and give your brand a boost.

There’s Always a Story

At Front Runner Films, we believe that everyone has a story worth telling, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients share those stories with the world. We’re a team of creative professionals who are passionate about what we do, and we work hard to create videos that are both funny and moving.

 We’ve won numerous awards for our work, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our craft. If you’re looking for a video production company that can help bring your brand, mission, and team to life- we’d love to hear from you. Spend your remaining Q4 budget wisely by investing in high-quality video—and make 2023 your company’s best year yet. Let’s talk. 

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