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The Editor’s Role in Shaping a Powerful Video Story

Feb 27, 2023

We all know a great film wouldn’t be what it is without the director, the cinematographer, and the performers. But what about the editor? It’s a job that often goes unsung, but much like a book editor, a film editor plays a critical part in the final product. Whether you’re making a blockbuster movie or a corporate video, even the best idea won’t come together without a top notch editor.

Grabbing Your Customer’s Attention

You need your video message to be clear and concise, so that your customers and potential customers take notice of your video—and remember it. It’s the editor’s job to cut away everything that doesn’t fit with that message. The editor needs to understand what your message is and relay that in the video.

Your video has to look great on any platform–or any size screen–where customers are watching it. The editor will cut out anything distracting, or anything that may not work for the various platforms on which it will be seen.

Tell Your Story

Marketing has come a long way, so consumers are bombarded with slick videos all the time. Why watch yours? It’s all about the story. Even if the audience already knows what your product is, they’ll come back for the story. This is vital when it comes to marketing videos, and it’s one place the editor can make a big difference.

The editor cuts away all the redundancies, keeping only the sounds and images that tell your story best.

Be The Authority

In the hands of a professional editor, your video will prove to your audience that you are the authority on the subject: it will explain both what your product is and why they need it.

Sometimes the video needs to tell the story in a matter of seconds, so nothing can be confusing or out of place. The goal? Getting the audience’s attention right away–and keeping it.

Professional Quality

An amateurish video can detract from the quality of your brand; suddenly, you’ll no longer seem like an authority in the field. Customers or potential customers will associate your product with a low quality video, and it will contaminate their view.

Editing is a place where amateurs will cut corners, but a good editor can make magic happen. So don’t take chances when it comes to marketing your brand. Give yourself a leg up with a great video that relay your story with authority.

For more information about building your brand or to get professional help for your corporate video, contact us here at Front Runner Films. Trust your story in the hands of professionals.

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