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The Key to Great Branded Video

May 21, 2019

With the heavy saturation of advertisements on the internet, and the presence of ad-blocker, more and more businesses have been turning to branded content to showcase their business and products.

But with this rapidly growing trend, how do you set your video apart from the rest? Out of the most successful branded content of 2018 what are the things that set them apart, and turned these videos into the most shared viral trends of the year?

Show, Don’t Tell:

The biggest tip you can receive in the world of marketing is to not overload your viewers with information. It’s much better to SHOW them why your brand is superior to your competitors, rather than telling them statistically why you’re better. A compelling story is going to be more interesting to your viewer rather than a load of numbers and charts.

Universal, Connecting Themes:

While not everyone can connect to financial planning consultants, law firms, and tech startups, we all can connect to the story of a mother and child, a group of friends on a journey, or of good intentions gone wrong with a hilarious twist. Adding an element of humanity to your content can increase viewer’s urge to look further into your brand.

Focus on the Values of Your Brand:

Yes we know that Gillette sells razors, but did you also know they care about female equality? We know that Adidas sells active gear, but they are also a fervent activist for the environment, and plastic cleanup in the ocean. It is easy to quickly get across what you’re selling, but viewers more than likely are going to be wondering what the core values behind your brand are. Zeroing in on what your company and employees care about outside the realm of your business can be a huge help in reaching a broader spectrum of people.

Production Value:

None of these companies skimped on resources. They put time, care, and expense into these videos, and it shows by the quality. Most of the ad campaigns are only one or two videos long, thus they chose to focus on quality over quantity, which can benefit your business in this age of sharing and viral videos.
A little bit confused and overwhelmed by all of these emerging trends? Well, you’re in luck, because branded content and helping businesses grow through the video medium is what we do best at Front Runner Films! Humor, heart, quality, and humanity are at the base of our company, and what we try to emphasize in every video we make.

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