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The Three Types of Video Your Marketing Funnel Can’t Do Without

Jan 25, 2021

Video is everything in marketing these days. Corporate entities and nonprofit organizations of all sizes, in all industries, can benefit from incorporating more high-quality video into the marketing mix. But what to focus on? Here are the top three types of video that will see the best results for your marketing funnel.

1. About Us Videos

Consumers have become accustomed to boring, static descriptions of company executives—but familiarity doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Savvy business professionals are making the switch to video in an effort to maximize engagement and initiate a relationship with potential clients.

The About Us page on your website should include professionally produced intro videos on each high-level employee in the company, making for what feels like a personalized experience: your customers will feel like you’re actually talking to them.

About Sarah - Video

If making this type of video feels above your pay grade, never fear. When you work with a top-notch production company like Front Runner, you’ll get all the support you need. We’ll ensure that your About Us videos outperform those of your competitors and put your company where it belongs—right at the top.

2. Product Explainer Videos

While developing a product, you’re probably already thinking about the best way to demo that product. But do you have a plan in place to film a demo that will blow your customers’ minds? A explainer product video is your chance to capture interest and keep it building until the product is released. If you’re new to the concept, check out how product explainer videos can help you increase sales in our previous blog.

Better yet, you can keep generating interest in your product throughout and even beyond the product release process—which means it’s no longer enough to produce a single demo video. In order to build interest and attract as many customers as possible, you’ll need to produce a series of demo videos that are strategically designed to appeal to a different kind of demo: demographics. Banking on multiple demographics to provide the sales to justify your product launch is just good business: today, it’s all about inclusivity.

That said, exclusivity is still alive and well—in a different context. Your best case scenario is to create a suite of targeted videos, each of which makes the viewer feel the product is exclusively for them. A production company can help you break down how many videos you’ll need and what will make each one unique.

3. Proposal Videos

When you’re making a proposal to submit to your board or to a partnering company, PowerPoint only gets you so far. High quality videos, on the other hand, are a guaranteed way to close the deal. Viewers who may need convincing will be impressed by the professionalism that only a well-produced video can put across. In fact, a poorly produced video might set you back—making you wish you’d stuck with that generic PowerPoint. Working with a professional production company like Front Runner, you can take your corporate audience by storm with a video that gets your message across.

Hit the Ground Running with Front Runner Films

Make the smart choice and partner with a video production company that understands the needs of corporations and nonprofits. Front Runner Films works with businesses of all sizes to make outstanding videos of uncompromising quality.

The end result? You’ll be on the vanguard as year over year more companies lean on the power of video. You’ll revolutionize your marketing funnel and see a huge difference in sales. And you’ll start a relationship with a team of experts you can call on whenever you need a boost in your profile and engagement. That’s what we call a win-win-win.

Put your business in the spotlight the right way, with Front Runner Films.

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