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Three Types of Branded Video for Each Stage of your Marketing Funnel

Nov 12, 2018

Branded Video Shoot

Branded video is the most effective way of marketing online, that’s why 87% of online marketers use video content and Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
In 2020, Video has had a huge impact on SEO and site visit durations (Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more), they are also the most shared and preferred content across social media sites (Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined).There are many types of branded video, and there are many platforms in which you can share them with your audience. So which Type of Video will work best for your goals?
Below we offer our advice and share which videos we believe are most effective for each stage of your marketing funnel – the three steps to engage your new customers.

Step 1 :: Awareness (Top of the Funnel)

This stage is all about introducing your product/service/brand to potential customers. Who are the people behind your brand, what is your company culture, and what are you passionate about? This stage helps you to find your people. Not everyone is going to be your customer, and that’s OK! What you should be aiming to do is filter out the people that don’t get what you do – and instead create content that helps your people find you! (Broad doesn’t work – don’t be afraid to niche down to your smallest viable audience: the people who understand what you do, who appreciate your product/service, approach, ethics, etc.)

Our Choice: Company Overview Video – a FUN, MEMORABLE intro to what makes your brand unique.

Worthy Runner Ups: Online Commercials, Educational Videos, Documentary Videos.


Step 2 :: Consideration (Middle of the Funnel)

This stage is about introducing the problems that your customers face and the remedies to these problems that your product/service/brand SOLVES for them. Don’t get caught up in the dry statistics of what you sell, instead speak to your audience much more emotionally and specifically. As marketing guru Seth Godin often states: “No one needs a ¼ inch drill bit, what they need is a ¼ inch hole.” It doesn’t stop there however, because you need the hole to fix the shelf, to please your partner, to feel great about yourself.
Our Choice: Product Video – let’s break down one element of your brand – a specific service or product – and speak directly to the emotional reward available to your would-be-client should they choice to buy it. Relate-ability and emotional engagement is key here.
Worthy Runner Ups: Email Videos (Videos for use in E-Blasts), Explainer Videos, PSAs.

Step 3 :: Decision Time (Bottom of the Funnel)

People make decisions based on emotion not logic. (Don’t believe me? Read more about it here.) So this stage is partially about your “Why” (the ethos of your brand) and partially about eradicating any doubts that might be delaying purchase.
Our Choice: A Testimonial Video from a charismatic client can be the best way to close. At this stage you should be talking to the right people (your people, who are a perfect fit for your product/service), so seeing and hearing a peer speak with 100% confidence that their life was improved by engaging with your company is the ultimate conversion video.
Worthy Runner-Ups: Personalized Videos, FAQ Videos, Charity/Give-Back Videos (explores how your company gives back).

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