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What Are Explainer Videos, Why Your Company Needs Them, + 3 Awesome Examples

Oct 22, 2018

Ah the irony, I’m about to explain to you what Explainer Videos are. 🙂 Explainer Videos are a type of video used to educate your audience about a service or a product that you offer. They are the audio-visual version of the printed Instructions that come with most products or the recorded version of the spiel you give in person to your customers everyday.
Video can be used to explain how your product should be operated, how it should be serviced or cleaned, the many uses for your product and a general overview of what your product or service is and the unique characteristics.
Using Video to explain how your product or service works is vastly superior to printed instructions for three main reasons:

  1. Video is generally easier to understand as there is less room for misinterpretation
  2. Video also relays a large amount of information in a relatively short amount of time. Less time commitment = clients who are more eager to watch too, and this is good as you want to avoid negative reviews due only to a misunderstanding in the operation of the product or the details of a service.
  3. Finally, posting your Explainer Videos across social media means that you are reaching your customers before they purchase your product. This has two advantages: your videos will help convince your audience to purchase (act as a sales tool) and it will help your customers make informed decisions (see note above about avoiding negative reviews)

Have we convinced you? Terrific! Below you’ll find three successful Explainer Videos that not only convey the necessary information, but are so creative and fun that they also went viral and became promotion content too.
CAVEAT: the final video is one that we produced, but as it achieved great viewership states and won us more than a coupe of awards, we think we’re playing fair!
With that “explained”, let’s take a look at excellent examples of Explainer Videos:

1. Spotify

An explainer video that doesn’t rely on Audio for an audio streaming service? Why not!

2. Dollar Shave Club

So popular you’ve likely seen it, but if you haven’t…you’re welcome.

3. GlobalVCard

In this piece we took the boring out of the how-to’s of corporate financing.

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