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What Is Industrial Video?

Mar 7, 2022

Industrial video can be used to inform, educate, fund-raise, train, or market a company in the industrial industry. 

It’s no secret that video marketing works. According to Optinmonster, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year. But some industries are reluctant to use it for fear of it being boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Often, we’re in the muddy, dusty, sparky parts of town in places like Chattanooga, Indianapolis, Kansas – diving into large-scale industrial companies and finding out and then capturing what makes them unique. One of our favorite client compliments so far is simple: “You made cement interesting.”

Just because your company’s work may not seem glamorous, does not mean your commercials, recruitment videos, or more,  have to be any less captivating.

How To Tell Your Story

Industrial Robotics

Regardless of what your business is, you have a story. From the startup in your mom’s garage to the third generation handover of a long-standing business, that needs to be a part of who your customers see. 

Loyalty doesn’t just come from a great product or service. It happens because people relate to you or your brand. That doesn’t just happen, they need to be told. 

If you can do that all in one place, why wouldn’t you? A well-made video gives you the chance to let people know everything they need to know about you and your company. 

Tell your history, meet the team, get an up-close look at the products and services you provide. It can include you and your team talking directly to your customers to inform, educate, and engage. 

Ways to Use Industrial Videos

You can make all kinds of videos and use them for many different things. Put them on your social media, your website, in your newsletter, and for promotion. 


What better way to train new recruitments than from the real team. Use yourself or your employees to make a video to demonstrate the way things are done.

Product Demonstration

If you have a new or a complicated product, make a video showing your customers how it works. If they can see you or your team using it, it makes it far more appealing.

Customer Testimonial

Who better to sell your product than people who already love it? Your customers and potential customers are far more likely to believe a real person over an industry person. 

Corporate Events

If you need a video to let people know about a new product launch or a special sale or fundraising event coming up, what better way than a video? People can watch it and share it.

Video Works

People are far more likely to watch a video than reading text. Most people are on their phones, so you have a captive audience already. If it appeals to them, they will share it.

Animation, humor, and technology allow us to produce anything people want or need. Take them where they didn’t even know they wanted to go. A short, sleek video can travel thousands of miles within seconds.

Even something you think may be boring can be made to be fascinating. People still need the product, whether it’s sexy or not. Let them want yours. A great video can take care of all of that for you.

Video Is The Future

There are endless possibilities to use video to market, inform, promote, train, and achieve. Check out some of our work here, and you decide. 

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Front Runner Films is a corporate video production company telling humorous and heartfelt stories helping bring products, companies and passion to light.

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