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What is Story? (and why your marketing should be a neverending story!)

Sep 24, 2018

Front Runner Films we talk a LOT about story. We pride ourselves on our ability to tell story effectively for companies through video. But what IS story?  
The Oxford Dictionary lists 10 variations and definitions, but this is perhaps the most commonly understood:“An account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.”
Since we were wee cave kiddies crowded around the nightly fire we have been educated, inspired, warned and enamored with stories. It’s power is in part because we have an innate attraction to them, they are an tool essential for our evolution of a species. Without story we could not pass on the knowledge we have acquired, but they are also our ultimate method of connection and communication.

In modern times, this need for story has not waned but instead has grown as story can be told in more elaborate ways and have a much wider reach. The movie, television, book, theatre, news services, computer game and radio industries have been built upon our need of story. So why is story important for business? There’s a well used saying that sums it up quite succinctly: “Facts tell. Stories sell.”

As much as we antagonize over the details, features, stats and specs of the products we buy the decision to purchase is not logical. Nope! It’s emotional. We buy based on our gut feeling, and that gut feeling is based on how well we align ourselves with the story a particular brand is telling. We purchase from companies with whom we believe we share values and beliefs. We want to align ourselves personally with the objects and experiences we desire to own.

THIS is the power of telling story with every element of your marketing. No element is more powerful at telling story than Video. Video allows you to communicate a large amount information efficiently as well as use all of the tricks of “movie magic” to create an emotional reaction in your would-be-customer. These tricks include using emotive music, familiar or likable and relatable talent, using humor, creating inspiration and aspiration, creating a sense of wonder or surprise – and all of this produces an entertaining, enjoyable and memorable result. Your viewers will WANT to hear your story, and want to share it with their like-minded friends. (Hello instant brand ambassador!)

This is the part where I give you the shameless plug. And it is shameless, because at Front Runner our team is incredibly proud of the award-winning corporate video, brand video, commercials and more (aka: stories) and we love doing it. We start every adventure with the same question: What’s your story? And then we find the humor and heart of it. Want to know more? Email us or find out more about us and watch some of the stories we’ve produced at:

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