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What kind of video do YOU need?

Aug 12, 2019

Have we convinced you yet about how important video is to your company? If not, you should probably circle back and get your life in order then come back to this article. If you are all hands on deck, completely stoked out of your mind that video is the ANSWER to all your marketing problems look no further.

You have come to a big decision that yes you want video. Now what? The next step is deciding what type of video marketing you want. The best way to diagnosis this problem is asking your company, “What am I looking to get out of video marketing”.

For starters, are you looking for internal or external video use?

If you are looking to raise awareness about your company, brand your business or want to make more money, external video is for you! Below, will help you navigate what type of external video your business wants.

Crowd funding videos are specific to non-profit businesses who are having trouble finding money to reach their goals, and need help getting the word out about their mission. Crowd funding videos are tailored to your potential and existing donors to show them what is actually going on in your organization and the purpose of your business.

Feature Testimonials

Testimonial and case study videos are made with an unbiased customer who is not tied to the company. These videos highlight the positive experiences that customers have had and shows that your product/business is worthy of that potential buyers time and money. Testimonials are made in a relatable way that focus on the problems that your product or service has solved for customers.

Who are you and what do you want to convey when people look at your company?

This is where branding comes into play. Branded videos tell a story that invokes an emotional response to your product. These videos recreate your company and bring it into a new light that entertains your target audience and separates you from your competition. These videos are structured, strategic and simple. They are done in a visually appealing way that stops someone from scrolling past your page.

Online Commercial

Looking for something more scripted but don’t want to pay for a TV Ad? Online commercials are the right choice for that! Online commercials are more effective than TV advertising and other marketing, plus will save your company money. Online videos tell your brand’s story in a unique and unexpected way. The purpose is to attract your ideal audience in a way that the message stands out against others, and is easily remembered.

Don’t worry internal video prospects, we didn’t forget about you! We dive in below with the options for your internal video marketing scheme.

Recruitment Video

Are you trying to attract new employees to your business? The best way to show potential new hires what your company is about and what it is like to work for your company is by a recruitment video. Job posts that included video got 40% more applicants. Recruitment videos allow applicants to be more excited about working for your company.

Training Video

Are you tired of going through the same boring and basic training with employees? Employee training can take hours, and even days! Training videos can help! Training videos get everyone on the same page quickly and are a completely new resource for your team to use whenever they need them. It also cuts down on the time you spend training new employees.

Company Culture Video

Are you really trying to set yourself apart from your competitors? What makes your company so unique? This is where company culture videos play a huge part. These videos show the motivation of your company and the people behind your company. It tells your story through video and sells what makes your company different from others. It is more than just a website “about us” page. It shows how do you stand about and how are you invested in your business in a more personal way.

Did we scare you away or give you an idea of what kind of video your company needs? The most important part of all of this is the quality of the video. To achieve anything from the above, the videos that are produced must be outstanding and high quality. This is why it is important to use a trustworthy video production company.

Looking for a production company that will capture the heart and humor of your brand? Contact us today by sending an email to info@frontrunnerfilmsllc.comor call us at (208) 336-6594 to chat about what your video marketing goals are and how we can help tell your story.

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