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What Makes a Great Instructional Video

Mar 14, 2022

The sole purpose of an instructional video is to help people understand quickly, clearly, and easily. According to TechSmith, 83% of people prefer watching videos for instructional or informational content instead of text or audio.

Instructional videos are dynamic and engaging – they keep the viewer’s attention focused on the content. They can also serve as visual aids to help clarify difficult concepts and processes. 

So what makes an instructional video, a good one?

Keep it Simple

The first thing you want from an instructional video is clear, easy-to-understand directions. Whether the video is to help demonstrate a new product or train new employees, simple is best. 

Luckily, simple doesn’t have to mean boring. You can add graphics, animation, use humor, story, and more. 

Keep it Short

We’ve all touched the screen or moved the mouse while watching something to see how much longer it’s going to take. Break your video up into smaller segments or keep the entire video short. 

If the instructional video needs to have several components, our next point below is the key to keeping it more interesting.

Show, Don’t Tell

People should be able to understand what is happening in your instructional video, even with the sound down. Consider people are watching from work, the crowded subway, a noisy cafe. 

Even someone watching under ideal conditions wants to be able to see what is happening and understand it. When technology allows you to be creative, why not do so? Let them see it in action. 

BTS How To Video

Plan to Succeed

You need to know exactly what should be happening the entire time of the video. Plan to succeed, plan for failure, plan for mistakes. Once you have the entire video planned out, you can depart the text. 

People will appreciate a bit of humor and honesty. Being prepared allows you the freedom to free fall.

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