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What Makes A Good YouTube Video

Jan 26, 2022

With the growing number of people who now use YouTube as a primary source for entertainment, it’s no surprise that video marketing is becoming more and more critical. In fact, research from HubSpot shows that companies with a strong video marketing strategy can see up to a 50% increase in traffic to their site. And this doesn’t even account for the number of conversions those videos generate. Video marketing has proven itself time and again as an effective form of advertising – but what does it take to make your content stand out? There are Several main factors gong an excellent YouTube video. This blog highlights a few key aspects to consider. 

1. Create a compelling script and story

The content of your video will make or break it. ensure your video is worth watching and valuable to your audience? How is your video worth watching and valuable to your audience? The average viewer is looking for something that can educate or entertain them. Be sure to show off your personality in the video, and create material that will hold attention and add value. 

2. Create an intro that will hold your viewer’s attention

The intro to your video is crucial, but it’s also effortless to get wrong. Don’t mistake thinking that you need a 10-minute-long monologue. Instead, try spending time coming up with creative ways to quickly present yourself, your brand, or the video’s purpose promptly and efficiently. Remember that this is your opportunity to draw viewers in, so explore how you can build trust interest and incentivize people to watch until the end. 

3. Make sure your content is unique

It’s essential to ensure that the material you present in your videos is both exciting and relevant. For example, a video about popular science news from the past week might be compelling and insightful. Still, it’s more likely to be found on several different sites unless you find your flair. Explore what aspects of your video will set you apart. 

4. Keep your video short and to the point

In the era of bite-size news and constant scrolling, not many people want to watch a 10-minute-long video about something they could quickly learn in 30 seconds or less. Ensure you know exactly what information you want to share and explore how you share it most efficiently and clearly. Here is an example of a video ad we created for B2B Security systems that are perfect for remarketing video YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads.

5. Make explicit annotations when appropriate

Annotations are little boxes that appear on your screen when someone is watching your video. This is a great way to expand your audience and gain more exposure, so don’t be afraid to utilize annotations when appropriate. Most YouTubers know how important it is to include these when necessary to help guide your viewers to other videos or channels.

6. Make sure you have good lighting and good sound

It might seem like something small, but it’s one of the most important aspects of video production. Having good lighting and audio can make a massive difference in the overall quality of your video. These elements have the potential to elevate your video from seemingly amateur to credible expert.

7. Seek help from the ones that do it best


There is an art to making a good YouTube video. Every detail from the script, camera angles, and editing can make or break a compelling clip for viewers. The key is not leaving your final product up to chance with so many factors to consider. That’s where Front Runner Films steps in. We are an award-winning corporate video production company empowering brands through storytelling for many years. If you need help creating high-quality video ads or online commercials that capture attention and drive conversions, get in touch with us.



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