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What the Mattel / YouTube Kids Deal Means For Online Video

Aug 3, 2017

Mattel Invests An “Eight-Figure” Amount in Online Video Advertising

A week ago two giants in the kids market came met and made a deal. Toy manufacturer Mattel – owner of brands such as Barbie, Fisher-Price and Hot Wheels – announced a multi-million dollar upfront deal with YouTube Kids.

Launched in 2015, YouTube kids is child-friendly curated content available on desktop and via free mobile apps. Since it’s launch it’s become the internet’s leading destination for video aimed squarely at children. YouTube’s filtering is not 100% perfect, but overall it’s considered a safe-bet for parents looking for a safe source of age-appropriate content. Because of this, it’s also become an easy choice for advertisers of brands that hope to reach children and families.

This kind of budget spend on Online Advertising is a first for Mattel. They have been consistently increased their digital marketing and advertising budgets, but this kind of spend is usually reserved for traditional television commercials. Chief Content Officer Catherine Balsam-Schwaber told Business Insider: “This is a first of a kind and a first ever such deal for Mattel. We’re really excited. This is a reflection of a shift we’re seeing in digital media. With anything that is new [you wait to see if there’s] momentum. That has to become clear. But you see this generation after generation as media habits change.”

The news of this deal marks an overall shift in companies of all sizes and across all verticals switching their advertising and marketing budgets to online video. And there’s good reason for it. Online Video, including Corporate Video, Online Commercials, Branding Videos and Testimonial Videos, is proven to work.

  • People would much rather watch video than read text
  • Increased engagement with your content helps build trust and affinity for your brand and can increase demand for your product or service
  • When people know, like, and trust you, they’re more likely to give you their money
  • Trackable results means proven and highly targeted ROI

The shift towards online video as a primary preference for entertainment, communication and education is very much a reality. This change in behavior is affecting every area of our lives, and it’s important for advertisers to know where to find their audiences online. The days of kids tuning in to watch cartoons on a Saturday morning are gone. Mattel understood this and moved their marketing budget to where it will be most effective. Spending and their direct correlation to online habits is measurable and offers an exciting new avenue for all brands looking to reach their audiences. 

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