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What’s Your Communication Style (And what’s it have to do with video?)

Sep 27, 2019

You’ve probably been tested back when you were in school or taken a personality test at some point… But how can knowing the way you learn help you create videos that will give the most honest representation of your brand?

Some people love them and some people hate them, learning style quizzes and personality tests! But did you know that the way you learn and the way to retain your audience attention can have a lot to do with their communication style? There’s a lot different personality types out there, but we have divvied them up into some of the most useful for you to consider while you plan your next marketing video.

Now for all of you objective and un-emotional types… hang in there, we’ll get to you. But for those of you that resonate with the feeling something gives you, use that! For a lot of people nostalgia, inspiration, love… basically anything that gives your heart that full and a little bit achey feeling is what will stick. Don’t feel like just because all of the other tech firms are using corporate music and fancy graphics to highlight the features of their app, you have to do the same. Maybe your new technology will help families stay in touch while they are distances apart or it will ease a financial burden they’ve struggled with for a long time. Whatever that is, don’t feel like you have to just stick to the whiteboard videos people have become so comfortable with, tell the story of that person that you aim to help.


Here you go, you smarty you. You like facts and objective truth. So let’s make that exciting. What are those crazy statistics that are going to make your audience go, “Woah… I need to make the switch to them!” or “I could save how many ____’s if I buy this product instead of that one?” Chances are, if you are good with numbers and that is what sold you on your business it will work on other people just like you. But still be smart about it. You being the brainiac that you are may think it is important to tell your audience EVERYTHING, but you still want to be crafty. Give them what they need to be hooked and then make them click over to your website to learn more. Present those facts in an exciting way, not just on a white background with a black magic marker, yawn!!


Some people are visual learners. What they see is what will stick. For these people, you want to start your video with a bang! (Maybe quite literally) Show them in that first image something exciting that will help them make the association between that awesome image and YOUR company. BIG NOTE HERE: Do NOT use stock video to get this message across. Why? Because if it’s stock, that means it is not unique to you. So someone might see that awesome first image and associate you with it, then days later see the very same image for another company, and now they are thoroughly unimpressed because they just realized they’ve been played.


Ever hear a song and all you can think of is that dang commercial?.. Like, oh say…. the ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan? When you associate very distinct music or natural sound with your brand, it will automatically stand out and help people to remember you. Why else do you think your teachers made you learn the Pythagorean theorem through music? Because some people remember best by associating it with sound.

There is a lot there. And the point is that you pick what will most strongly resonate with your brand and the story you are trying to sell. Don’t try to do it all or your message will get lost. But pick something that fits and you’re good at, and then really go all the way with it. Odds are there is a whole audience of people out there thinking just like you, and will appreciate that you know your brand well enough and sell it in a way that is honest to you.

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