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Why are Corporate Videos Needed?

Nov 14, 2022

Think about the first time you looked at a screen today. Was it the moment you stepped out of bed, or while you were sipping your coffee? Was it over breakfast, or on your commute? Now think about the last time you’ll look at a screen today. It will likely be shortly before bed, won’t it–whether doing a final work check-in, or chilling out with social media or a show you’ve been bingeing. For most of us, the day is bookended by screens.

So it’s no wonder that visual representation is everything: video is the perfect way to tell a story to an already captive audience.

But not just any video will do. Your customers expect more than a cell phone video–and your competitors know it.

Boost Visibility Search

In an internet search, video will always beat out text. Post it to your website and all your social media platforms and you’ll see a noticeable improvement in traffic.

The best part? The more views a video gets, the easier it is for potential customers to find it. And popular video leads to a higher rank on search engines–so let the algorithm work for you.

Be sure to choose the right keywords, offer useful content, provide a specific description, and choose a title that’s honest and straightforward. With all that in place, there’s no reason your corporate video won’t rank very high, giving you the best possible results.

This holds true for all your social media platforms, as well as search engines. Posting video to all your sites will boost your visibility in a search.

Build Your Brand

Your brand is your business–so video is your chance to show people who you are and what you do. Let potential customers see your service or product in action firsthand.

Video is also a great way to introduce new products. Before and after visuals work to capture your audience’s attention, and testimonials from satisfied customers can foster trustworthiness with viewers. People will always believe other customers over corporations.

Video is a chance to tell your story–to let people know your history, your passion for the industry, why you do what you do. It creates a sense of connection and helps build loyalty.

Great Investment

Corporate video provides a high ROI. Your video will be watched, rewatched, and shared, meaning that your reach can increase without you even knowing. You may see results right away or it may take some time to build steam; either way, professional video is the best way to reach customers both now and in the future.


Versatility is one of video’s greatest strengths, so it’s just a matter of deciding how to pitch your brand. Maybe you’re edgy, or maybe you’re the trusted authority. Perhaps you want cute, or funny, or dramatic. Using animation, professional actors or voiceover artists, including your employees or your customers–you can populate your video with the people and products who can best sell your brand.

Video can also be altered and adjusted to your future marketing needs. Add new information, remove the bits that are no longer relevant, or update it to stay current.

The Human Touch

Telling your story gives your company a human touch. You can build a video that shows the audience you’re more than just a faceless corporation.

Your product, your brick and mortar operation, your services–anything you offer can be highlighted in a corporate video, showing potential customers what you’re all about.

Front Runner Films

Here at Front Runner Films, we bring your brand’s story to life with our signature blend of humour and heart. Our creative team has decades of experience in scriptwriting, directing, and film production.

We’ll work with you to craft a video that tells your story and connects to your audience. We specialise in commercials, testimonials, training videos, and more.

Be in touch. We want to hear your ideas, and to help make video a part of your marketing plan. Still not sure?  Follow this link to view some of our past work.

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Front Runner Films is a corporate video production company telling humorous and heartfelt stories helping bring products, companies and passion to light.

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