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Why You Need YouTube

Jun 19, 2019

Just because YouTube has been around for a while now, does not mean that it’s obsolete.

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Most of the time, when a social media platform passes the 10 year mark, its popularity fades in favor for newer, more revolutionary versions of the same thing. But somehow, YouTube has managed to remain a giant in the entertainment industry. Some people make their entire livelihood off of this website, and rise into stardom from there, yet some businesses still don’t utilize YouTube’s incredible tool-set. Crazy, right?

Maybe you’re one of these businesses, but you’re saying to yourself, “I just don’t know how to work, or use YouTube?”. You’re in luck then, here are a few tips and tricks on how to utilize YouTube, and how it can help your business grow.

1. YouTube as a Social Media Platform

A common misconception about YouTube is that it is more than just a social media platform. While it does have streaming capabilities, and other features, what it boils down to is something very similar to Instagram and Facebook. Thus, it is important for businesses to treat it so. This includes:

2. Personalization

People follow YouTube channels, and their algorithm pushes viewers to check back to creator’s channels regularly. Make your channel visually unique to you! Upload eye-catching header images, have a fun, unique, and branded profile picture, and fill out the “About” sections on your profile to easily convey everything that a visiting audience-member would need and like to know. Also, having a few videos that explain and demonstrate who you are is key to people who appreciate a visual representation.

3. Consistency

Going back to the idea that YouTube is a social media platform, one of the easiest and most surefire ways to garner a large following on any social space is through consistent posting. Most YouTubers who have over 1 Million subscribers post anywhere from two to three times a week on specified days. This prompts viewers to come back multiple times a week on a promise that there will be more of the content they like.

4. Quality

With the ENORMOUS amount of content on YouTube right now (seriously, over 120 billion videos) you really need to stand out from the others. This can be achieved through high-quality videos. When you put time and care into something, it really shows to your viewers, and then they can recommend your quality content to their friends and other people who can spread the word like wildfire. In line with keeping high production value on your videos, it is also important to-

5. Have an Individual Voice

There are a lot of people posting every single day, but viewers are always hunting for the next great personality. Someone online that they can relate to, and clearly see a human element behind all of the content. One of the biggest pieces of advice from successful YouTubers is to always be yourself, and let that shine through. Your real personality will always attract way more attention that a put-on persona.

YouTube is mysterious, it’s tough, and we’re learning along the way with you. We publish new content every single week on our page, so feel free to stop by, subscribe, and check out our YouTube journey!

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